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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Why Did Chris Tunney Exploit the Children of East Aurora?

When the Dunham Fund, including Chris Tunney and Bob Vaughan, tried to shakedown the East Aurora School District for a computer deal and insurance scheme (that benefits Dunham board members), we decided to investigate.

We learned just how corrupt, twisted and dishonest the scheme was to exploit children and education.

When people go to hell, we hope those who cheated and exploit children will be first in line.

If anyone sees so-called Aurora crony cop Chris Tunney, who is a paid member of the Dunham Fund, please ask her to contact us so we can introduce her to the kids she ripped off and harmed.

We want her to explain to those kids why the political mafia of Aurora, which she is a key member, chose to take advantage of them.

Nobody at the APD really can explain what Chris Tunney does all day. We do. She usually is cashing her checks from the Dunham Fund and spending her corrupt money.


Anonymous said...

Is that the same Tunney that is running for chief? Why doesn't openline tell the mayor or the district attorney.

Also, with all the talk about those chief wanna be's, the mayor really needs a true professional manager from outside. It seems that Groom has major issues, Tunney, Zimam, Kjendal and Deleon are only out to line their pockets and hire their families.

Anonymous said...

In what way is Christopher Tunney exploiting children that needs to be exposed for the safety of the children. I'm contacting DateLine and Savini at Ch 2.

Anonymous said...

OLB's lack of response with any concrete allegations or actual evidence duly noted.

Anonymous said...

Chris Tunney is a girl. She's married to corrupt cop Kristen Ziman. They met in a 3 way with Kristen's ex-husband, also a cop. Chris cheated on her husband at the time. She's nothing more than a dumbass cop who's Kristen's sidekick bitch. She is a detective so she doesn't have to be in danger and unaccountable for her time. The only cops who like her are also dumbass cops. She was appointed to Dunham Fund as payback to Kristen for looking the other way on corruption. It's all true.