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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Would Charter Schools Save East Aurora From Death Spiral Underway?

There are good, smart and talented people who have been part of the East Aurora School District.

The problem is these too often are the exception, not the rule.

Rather than focusing on the billion reasons, including the reckless misconduct by Mayor Tom Weisner, his boss Bob Vaughan at the Dunham Fund, lousy state legislators like Stephanie Kifowit, Linda Holmes and Linda Chapa, we want to shift gears.

The school board voted for a tax levy increase in a district that is failing academically and financially.

The reality is Aurora has a better chance of succeeding Detroit for economics than getting the district into a fiscally thriving situation.

Unless two bold things happen.

One idea is to admit the school system has failed and there is no time to waste.

Enter charter schools.

Yes, we know, not all charter schools are created equal and some will be targets for the same taxpayer exploiting scumbags like the crew at the Dunham Fund, as fresh meat to feast on.

However, IF the crooks and cronies are kept away, charter schools might the ONLY option to inject high-quality education back into the district's borders.

We aren't saying this is the ideal solution but let's' address Part 2.

If there is a charter school that starts producing results in terms of academic performance, then the next step is to make housing attractive for new families looking for high-quality schools but affordable homes.

The problem?

Thanks again to the rotten regime of Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner, there isn't a lot of high-quality housing in the district.

There is lots of blight.

And, much of it needs to be demolished.

That's right, we are suggesting that parts of the east side need to be demolished to clear sections for new housing IF there is clear success from academic performance.

Once you address the education, start to eliminate blight and put quality housing, then there is a chance for some economic development activity.

We said some, don't expect East Aurora to become Naperville.

It will take years to undo the mess but if the academic performance is consistent and spreads, even if it means charter schools dominating, then there is a chance to save the east side.

Otherwise, if we continue down the current path led by the misfit from City Hall, we will continue to see the death spiral.

If anyone has a better idea, we are open but tell us what that is. How will high-quality education be injected into the east side in the fastest way?

There is no time to waste. And, if no change is coming, the the sooner everyone escapes this death spiral, the better chance they will survive elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

The size of the east aurora school district has not grown since the 60's. So why do we need more schools now. Is it because the mayor made us a sanctuary city and houses are overcrowded.

Anonymous said...

Put Matt Harrington in Carthage, he will fix everything.

Anonymous said...

Charter schools are not the answer. They cherry-pick the students they will admit, while public schools are required to accept everyone. Charter schools are also famous for fining students/parents for every minor offense (such as forgetting to bring a pencil or wearing the wrong style of uniform socks)...a sneaky way of raising additional funds. And teachers at charter schools can usually be fired at the whim of administrators for any reason, unlike public schools which have checks & balances in place (tenure, mediation, union representation).

Too bad there's no way to hold PARENTS accountable for sending kids to school rested, well-fed, and with adequate supplies. That's where the problem really lies.

Anonymous said...

@5:41 you are a fucking moron!

Anonymous said...

Restaurant row will revive the east side. When's the next announcement going to be made for the newest addition to this world famous venue? Is it Cosmopolitan Market?

Anonymous said...

No, it's Santa's Workshop. Spiked egg nog, Christmas cookies and hot chocolate are the local farm to table delights. Ho ho ho.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I see that Aurora actually found a buyer for one of the many vacant institutional buildings in town. Dave "Double Dippin" Hulseberg got something done besides watching as Karademas rode in from Milwaukee. Factoring in the old West High, Masonic Temple, restaurant row, Copley Hospital, the old train station, terminal building and others what's the City's batting average on redevelopment? About .177 I'd say. There's still time to ruin the deal so let's hope the Mayor's Staff doesn't start making crazy demands like removing the metal facade and replacing the windows with double hung wooden ones.

Anonymous said...

Charter schools might help as long as you keep the unions and Dunham Fund out.

Otherwise this district is screwed and going to get worse. The city policies have made it impossible to succeed.

Anonymous said...

The City finally got a new owner for a downtown building.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Double Dippin' Dave! You're almost justifying your two taxpayer salaries of +$200,000.