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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

BGA Launches Police Accountability Portal | Bad News for Bad Cops, Bad Prosecutors and Good News for Aurora

Better Government Association (BGA) has launched a Police Accountability Portal for Illinois as police and prosecutor misconduct has gone from business as usual to public outcry.

This is good news for ALL of Illinois, including good cops and good prosecutors.

Not just in Chicago.

As much of the recent news has surrounded the murder of Laquan McDonald and exposing layers and a culture of corruption, dishonesty and looking the other way of misconduct by cops and prosecutors, the best way for good people in law enforcement to get the credit they deserve is for all of us to collectively identify and root out the bad ones.

Unlike Chicago, Aurora doesn't have the same level of oversight by media, no independent police review and, because the city covers portions of four counties, the APD brass, controlled by the mayor, has no accountability.

Going back the past few decades, we've heard of countless stories of racism, police brutality, excessive force, false police reports, lying under oath, disappearing evidence, cover-ups, bad protecting fellow bad cops and professional misconduct.

To be fair, the quantity of these acts may not be as much as Chicago, but the intensity, integrity and principles are equal.

And yes, we know of just as many good acts.

Killing a citizen gets much-deserved attention, but just as important to harm of justice is injuring a citizen or a false arrest that may result in a conviction that affects a person's life and future.

For every high-profile case involving a shooting by a police officer, there are hundreds, if not thousands of cases that never make it to any headline because they are a misdemeanor or purely the word of a bad cop vs. citizen.

Aurora is a special place.

It's the most corrupt suburb in Illinois under Mayor Tom Weisner's regime and recently built a $163 million Aurora Police Palace, rewarding campaign contributors and cronies of the mayor, a fitting tribute to Aurora's chronic crime, gangs, including the most dangerous gang of all, the political mafia.

The culture at the APD is mixed.

There are VERY good people doing their job and trying to fix the mess.

There's also dozens upon dozens of examples of sexual relationships between cops over the years, trading spouses, nepotism, racism, bigotry, alcohol, drug use and other behavior that isn't representative of our "finest."

For example, we've been investigating the rise and misconduct of so-called Commander Kristen Ziman, a crony cop who isn't experienced (unless you count drinking wine) yet manipulated her way atop the police palace.

Not coincidentally, she is closely connected to the political mafia that runs Aurora, including her spouse, Chris Tunney, an APD detective, that got a paid gig at the Dunham Fund, a nonprofit slush fund of many millions, run by the mayor's chief of corruption and campaign czar, Robert "Bob" Vaughan.

Vaughan is the former executive director of the Fox Valley Park District, where he dished out patronage and now collects a luxury pension of over $175,000.

Dunham Fund, which supposedly was intended for education, magically involves itself in some of Aurora's most corrupt projects, including the recent $40 million library, by dangling grants in exchange for making sure certain people get certain contracts.

Corruption is so widespread in Aurora that we simply refer to it as "normal."

Kristen Ziman, a law enforcement officer, was repeatedly warned to stand up and stop corruption, crimes in our city.

Instead, she used her position to go after those who spoke up, all while she and her spouse partied with the corrupt and personally benefitted from the political mafia while jointly collecting a salary of over a quarter million from taxpayers, not including a side scheme called "Blue Courage" exploiting taxpayers in other police departments across the nation with "training programs."

As corrupt as Tom Weisner and Bob Vaughan are, it is Kristen Ziman who sits atop our list of Aurora's Most Wanted.


In Illinois, it's way too common to have politicians exploiting taxpayers, but when we see a law enforcement officer who should know better, do the right thing and knowingly do wrong, we hold them to a higher standard and have ZERO tolerance.

Being a law enforcement officer or prosecutor involves incredible power to affect and impact people's lives in a positive or negative way. That authority carries greater responsibility.

Aurora is a city that prefers to operate in the dark, from refusing to broadcast city council meetings to refusing to allow body cams for police officers to routinely hiding information in violation of FOIA laws.

It's also a city that has seen a 150% increase in shootings during 2015 at the same time violent crime is down across the nation.

Kristen Ziman refers to that increase as just an "uptick."

Don't wait for the Laquan McDonald situation or the future perp walk of Tom Weisner, Kristen Ziman or Bob Vaughan to bring the attention of the world to Aurora on police accountability or corruption.

It's up to you to ask questions, speak up, take videos, share information, raise expectations and demand accountability.

Across America, thanks to chronic problems being exposed by smartphones and cameras, there is a crisis underway of trust being shattered with law enforcement.

In Illinois, we rely on our friends at the FBI and US Attorney's Office to not only hold bad citizens accountable, but the bad in law enforcement, too.

And, we urge good cops to speak up loud and clear on these issues so the public knows you are not one of the bad ones.

Thanks to the BGA for taking an important step in making it easier for the good people to prevail and please consider donating to their efforts.


Anonymous said...

That Chapa LaVia won't help Aurora either. Look at her record in the legislature, if it isn't about Hispanics, she doesn't care. I hope COPS aren't counting on her support either, she tried to eliminate their pensions. The only COP she seems to help is that Blue boy Alfie Dean, it's a quid pro quo, as he does her campaign work while being paid to do his COP job, and she will make him the chief after she is elected. OPENLINE needs to expose this Blue Boy also.

Anonymous said...

Is Alfie Dean different from the goon in the blue suit picture. I still want a picture of punkin and the lurch / fester and all the other Kjendalls, Groomes, Tunnys, DeLeones and Zimans.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Now Now 2:54

Linda is certainly pro-Hispanic on her platform. However, time will judge her when she is our Mayor. Additionally, you must be a co-worker of Officer Dean to know so much about his working habits. It is probably against City policy to campaign while working, I hope he is stopping robbers and rapists instead of getting votes.


Anonymous said...

The cops and every so called public servant's defined benefit plan should be eliminated and replaced with a pay as you go defined contribution plan where the taxpayer pays in no more than 3% of salary up to 100K, end of story.

Anonymous said...

I just researched Chapa-Lavia's record. I can understand why police are opposed to her being the mayor. Linda is anti-police and very Hispanic oriented on her opinions. I can't understand why that Officer Dean is helping her to be his boss, unless there is something in it for him. The other officer's should watch that guy, as He must have an agenda.

Anonymous said...

I worked Mr. A. Dean for a year. He was heavily into running a Spanish only political organization and practically did his thing instead of his real job on the street. He was or still is a phony and I'm sure that the people still around him have seen through his agenda and won't really trust him.

Anonymous said...

So with groom dying is this dean in competition against ziman, tunny and kjendall to be a chief?
Everybody has a boss at there job, is his boss blind about his political and race clubs at work? The boss is probably getting a kickback from campaign funds to look away.

Anonymous said...

His boss is probably drunk on wine. I'm going to saddle up for new years eve, maybe I'll try wearing one those blue leisure suits by the Dean dude, chicks will notice me for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Let's get a petition going demanding a White Castle on restaurant row. The lamo's at the City might actually be able to get that one done.

Anonymous said...

I agree White Castle's tend to build in lower income and also skid row atmospheres, Aurora's downtown would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

To the guy that wore the fagy blue suit to saddle up, did you pick up any ladies?

Anonymous said...

2016 resolutions at the police

sexual fantasies by zimans
wine by kjendalls, zimans
nepotism by grooms, kjendalls, deleons, deans, pierces, tunnies,
race oriented clubs by dean
quilt making by pumpkin head
ugly blue suits by dean
political campaigning by dean
scam money making by zimans and tunnies

Anonymous said...

The girl in the apartment next to me said that there are blacks only clubs and Spanish only clubs at our police department. I really don't know how that can happen in todays society, especially in a police dept. with all the race things in the news everyday.

Anonymous said...

Uh White Castle is an iconic privately held brand that actually has very, very high standards for where they chose to locate. They would not touch downtown Aurora with a 10 foot pole. Really no private enterprise would go into that market without a subsidy unless it was a feed a family of four for $20-25 or less and then you have a huge racial demographic issue to deal with.

Anonymous said...

How about a Taco Bell

Anonymous said...

Mr Submarine

Anonymous said...

Did everyone see Weisner's commentary in the paper about police misconduct? I thought I was reading a paper from some sociology professor at a university. It's too bad that he couldn't have been so front and center a couple of years ago when street violence and shootings surged in this town. He was embarrassingly silent then and when he had those forums after the election, his own Police Chief was not even running the meetings, it was some commander. We elected him to be a leader, not a social scientist so the crime continues.

Anonymous said...

With those boobs running it at the City, what eatery could they get signed up at restaurant row? Remember that highly-paid gang down there could eff up a cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

We could use a tortilla restaurant

Anonymous said...

Did Alexandrou get hired yet in the HR Dept at the Park District?