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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Brandon Smith Should Get Both a Pulitzer and Nobel Prize Over Pursuing Truth of Laquan McDonald

The story of the murder of Laquan McDonald came out against all odds.

From FOP lying spokesman Pat Camden to official Chicago Police lies to the cover-up by cops, prosecutors and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, there's a very long list.

Freelance journalist Brandon Smith pursued a FOIA request that ultimately caused the video to be released.

Not the mainstream media.

And not Lisa Madigan, the so-called attorney general of Illinois, who is supposed to pursue actions against government abused of FOIA law on behalf of the public.

The problem is that for every Laquan McDonald case or FOIA lawsuit, there's thousands of more cover-ups on small and big issues, from fiscal schemes to corruption to simple incompetence by government to schemes to fool the public.

As bad as the problem is in Chicago with Mayor Rahm Emanuel (aka "Tiny Dancer"), we know the problem is FAR worse in Aurora with Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner.

Not surprisingly, FOIA law has been routinely violated by the City of Aurora by Weisner, his so-called corporation counsel Alayne Weingartz and aide Carie Ergo (Wittenburg).

Efforts to hide information have been an ongoing chronic problem since 2005.

At the Aurora Police Department, the situation gets even worse than worse because tactics include hiding information behind unsubstantiated "law enforcement investigations."

Dan Ferrelli, the longtime spokesman for the Aurora Police Department, has been under direct orders not only to hide information, but to prevent release of information to media like us, even information that would be helpful for the public to SOLVE A CRIME.

Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman has been at the epicenter of the schemes to manipulate, hide information, even when it could help the public that would otherwise be in danger.

Unlike Chicago, Aurora has no mainstream responsible old media.

The old guard Beacon-News (aka "fishwrap" or "Beaconfused") went journalistically bankrupt over a decade ago, followed by a financial bankruptcy.

Most reporters at the Beacon have taken orders from the City of Aurora, reprinted lies, press releases and focused on doing nothing to alter the friendly relationship between the editors, corrupt mayor and old-guard advertisers.

John Russell, the longtime city editor who covered-up corruption at Aurora's City Hall for Weisner, recently retired from the Beacon-News.

Then, he magically got a taxpayer-funded job with the City of Aurora to write grants.

Not a coincidence.

Just like there's good cops and bad cops, there's good reporters and bad reporters.

One of the rotten reporters at the Beacon over recent years is Dan Campana, who still writes freelance stories for the Fishwrap while at the SAME time working on freelance stories for police organizations to help cover-up misconduct.

Don't hold your breath waiting or Dan Campana to write anything critical about the misconduct involving corrupt police brass like Kristen Ziman in Aurora.

As we've seen with the situation of Laquan McDonald, getting past the misconduct of bad people like Kristen Ziman, Tom Weisner, Alayne Weingartz and others hiding information takes effort, resources and time.

They are paid big bucks to hide information from you.

Freelance journalists, which include some of our contributors, are unsung heroes often working for FREE in the quest for justice in our society and the world.

Which is why we believe the best way to set an example is for Chicago area media of all types to join together to nominate Brandon Smith for not only a Pulitzer, but also a Nobel Prize so we send a message of why right vs wrong matters more than a credential or who's who.

Thank you, Brandon Smith.

Special thanks as well to Jamie Kalven of the Invisible Institute, law professor Craig Futterman and lawyer Matt Topic and many others who worked behind-the-scenes for justice, followed by the Chicago area media's strong pursuit of accountability of Rahm Emanuel and others.

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