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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Ignored Recommendations to Address Police Accountability

Among the many reasons Rahm Emanuel's stories and excuses don't add up and why he's being overthrown as mayor is that certain facts are inconveniently validating he only cares now because his political life is on the line.

Laquan McDonald was murdered in October 2014.

Just two months later, the "Safer Report" was released in December 2014, a review of recommendations to address police misconduct, accountability and many problems that Rahm now wants to suddenly address with a "task force."

Rahm ignored that report for the same reason he ignored the murder.

Campaign and an election coming up in 2015.

Problems of police misconduct, false testimony, excessive force and more have been chronic in Chicago (and Aurora for that matter), so Rahm did as little as possible to change anything his first term and, even after a multiple incidents, not just Laquan McDonald, he continued to do nothing.

Until now. When all hell has broken loose.

Our local viewers in Aurora often wonder why we are so laser-focused on getting rid of corrupt cops in Aurora like Kristen Ziman or Chris Tunney. Or why we are 100% sure Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner is corrupt.

Don't wait for the smoking gun, dead body, dash cam video as evidence to be produced. Sometimes, the clues are all around us. Sometimes, people don't want to see the reality and sometimes, people can't handle the truth.

NOTE: If you think Rahm is wrong, we assure you the misconduct of Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and Crony Cop Kristen Ziman is worse.

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