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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Credentials and Cops

Some people measure others by credentials rather than knowledge. They discriminate based upon who you are rather than what you know.

Take Kristen Ziman, the narcissistic crony cop from Aurora.

She loves to discriminate against others all the time.

In her recent campaign against late Aurora Police Commander Joe Groom, she tried to convince others she is a better choice than Joe Groom, partly because he only attended Waubonsee Community College.

Ironic considering Kristen attended a commuter school called Aurora University.

None of it matters.

Kristen lacks basic knowledge, analytical skills, is grossly incompetent by any independent review and has repeatedly proven that.

She collects "credentials" at training programs across the nation at taxpayer expense to pad her resume.

Competence for a cop has nothing to do with where she went to school, what "program" or training she takes, what credential she collects, what stack of books she tries to read.

You can't teach integrity to someone who lacks basic values and principles.

We would easily take a cop with no degree or credential who has the passion for right over wrong than Kristen Ziman or her sidekick Chris Tunney who are not smart enough to stop corruption, lying or do the right thing.

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