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Friday, December 11, 2015

Election 2017 | Brian Dolan Says He Will Not Run for Mayor of Aurora After Political Mafia Desperately Tries to Stop Him

Brian Dolan says he will not run for Mayor of Aurora in 2017 after being an aggressive effort by the political mafia to stop him.

Back in October, he formed an exploratory effort and intended to bring a more independent, growth campaign instead of career politicians like Linda Chapa-LaVia, Richard Irvin and Mike Saville.

Former Chicago Bears player and high school football coach Kurt Becker has also expressed interest in running for mayor.

Chapa-LaVia, a crony of Mike Madigan and the Painters Union thugs, has told sources she was expecting nobody to run against her.

Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner is "retiring" so he can cash in on corruption schemes over the past decade of exploiting Aurora.


Anonymous said...

Thank God. I have never liked this guy, something as always been off with him.

Anonymous said...

What's the biggest issue facing Aurora needing to be addressed by the new Mayor?