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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Family Members Speak Out on Cops Killing Kids, What Would Kristen Ziman Do?

Another two people killed by police in Chicago.

Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman would call all these people being killed by cops as an "uptick."

We don't blame her for every allegation of police misconduct across the state or nation but we do notice the Queen of Cowards shared a dishonest article by corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner the other day throwing cops under the Laquan McDonald bus.

Of course, Kristen hasn't had the personal or professional courage to speak up on the crisis of police misconduct, given her own association with corruption, lying and misconduct.

However, one thing struck us as we watched the mother of one of the latest victims of a cop shooting speak out.

When these young people, often teens, are being killed by police, where is Kristen Ziman the mother of two kids?

Not Kristen Ziman the so-called police commander.

We all know she's not qualified to handle the APD Facebook page, let alone be a commander.

Seriously, where is Kristen Ziman, the so-called mother of two kids?

If God forbid anything similar happened to her kids as any of these others, would Kristen Ziman still keep her mouth shut for personal, political and professional gain or would she speak up for her own kids?

We really want to believe she would. How could she not?

But, then how could she not for all these others?

Guess none of these kids, none of these tragedies, no principles, no values, no ethics and nothing is as important as a corrupt mayor.


Anonymous said...

Did those department heads at the City get hired at the Park District yet?

Anonymous said...

Openline and Kristen sitting in a tree......somebody is a little stalker ish.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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