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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Firearms Instructor Profiled By Dumb, Bigoted Bad Cops Like Kristen Ziman Who Forgot the US Constitution

Sim Sangha, a firearms instructor and future LAPD officer went to a Dick's Sporting Good's store in Fremont, California, asking about ammo.

Two days later, cops showed up at her door.

Was she profiled? Of course.

But, here's the important issue. She did nothing illegal and it seems the ONLY "cause" for police to get involved was the assumption of her ethnic or religious background.

Second amendment is clear. That and the United States Constitution is what the cops ignored.

Locally in Aurora, Illinois, as we've been investigating widespread corruption, dishonesty and incompetence by crony cop Kristen Ziman, we've learned there's another problem with the self-claimed expert on everything.

She's been profiling people in violation of the law.

We first learned about this by alleged statements she made to very credible witnesses about black people.

More recently, she's made more absurd statements about people from different ethnic backgrounds.

We live in a nation of laws that must be applied equally. No excuses.

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