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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Future Doctors Protest All-Out Assault By Cops, Demand Rahm Emanuel to Resign and Ask Where Are the Good Cops?

Wearing their white coats, about 100 medical school students took part in a "die-in" protest at Chicago City Hall. They want Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign.

The group of students lay in silence for 16 minutes, signifying the number of times Laquan McDonald was shot by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke in October 2014. The video of that police shooting was released two weeks ago, prompting protests across the city and, ultimately, the firing of Garry McCarthy as Chicago police superintendent.

Citizens of all backgrounds are standing up and speaking out about the "all-out assault" on integrity by bad cops like Jason Van Dyke, Kristen Ziman, Jon Burge, Chris Tunney, Joe Gliniewicz, Michael Nila and many more.

One of the medical students, a future radiologist, asked "where are the good cops that have sat silent since the video came out? Why don't we see police officers across the suburbs speaking up? Why is this 'code of silence' tolerated in the 21st century?"

"Why aren't all these other alleged good cops angry that any other police officer would lie, falsify a report or cover-up a murder? My family lives in Aurora, where there's massive crime with some gazillion dollar police palace that doesn't do a damn thing to build trust with the community. How many of the cops in Aurora have spoken up? Where are they?" said the student.

"Why are there so many cops who act tough with their badge and gun, but when it comes to the easy, simple stuff, like doing what's right, they are such cowards?"

Aurora Crony Cops Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney, both prime examples of cowards involved with the corrupt, could not be reached for comment.

To be fair, Sgt. Alfredo Dean from Aurora, showed his concern by tweeting a photo of his blue socks.


Anonymous said...

that Dean dude should consider getting a brain transplant

Anonymous said...

That Dean guy doesn't seem like a bright bulb. No wonder he's friends with Kristen and Chris.

Anonymous said...

I do find it striking that all the cops, including Kristen, who claim they are not the bad ones, have been muted on all this crisis going on.

Kristen called Joe Gliniewicz a hero and only changed her view after the entire law enforcement community had. She is a coward.

Anonymous said...

Good to know our taxpayers are paying for that fancy police palace so cops like Dean can sit on their ass with their feet up while we have a crime epidemic on the streets and corruption at City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Is Dean related to Kjendalls or Zimans

Anonymous said...

people get away with a lot when all their bosses are partying and having sex or knitting quilts etc.

Anonymous said...

I want those crooked cops to be taped while on duty and live stream it so we can watch.