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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Garry McCarthy Should Be the Next Police Chief of Aurora

Garry McCarthy should be the next police chief for Aurora.

There's a vacancy in the second largest city in Illinois.

Sure, we know he's on everyone's DO NOT HIRE list after being thrown under the bus by Rahm Emanuel but he has specific experience relevant to Aurora.

McCarthy has worked in communities with corruption and the political mafia in control.

That is perfect for Aurora, which is second to none for corruption in Illinois (sorry Chicago).

He has overseen many crime sprees.

Aurora has a 150 percent increases in shootings that some (like crony cop Kristen Ziman) call an "uptick."

McCarthy recently got married to an attorney and doesn't want to move. He doesn't have to live in Aurora and can continue to reside in Chicago.

Given the history of nepotism in Aurora's city government and police department, maybe his wife can replace the so-called corporation counsel, Alayne Weingartz. That alone would be worth naming him chief.

Both Chicago and Aurora share the same history with scandals like the Redflex red light cameras.

McCarthy already knows the Chicago area media.

He will continue to add to his luxury pension (sorry taxpayers). And, don't forget he also will be getting a pension from New York and New Jersey.

Both Chicago and Aurora have their own half-million dollar tank for the police (in Aurora, it's used for donut runs).

And, McCarthy could sit atop the $163 million police palace that was built with massive corruption.

When two of the other commanders are fired, he can use their vast offices to put in golf putting course.

Don't worry, there's thousands of wasted square feet of space at the police palace, so he can have several golf putting courses.

Bonus: The chief's conference table is very high-tech with fancy pop-up screens taxpayers paid for. We've seen it many times during our chats with former Chief Greg Thomas.

We could go on with reasons this makes sense.

We all know the corrupt mayor of Aurora isn't going to appoint someone fully independent, so let's make the best of the situation.

Weisner and his boss Robert "Bob" Vaughan, who runs the Dunham Fund, a slush fund to control corruption, need someone who can play along with the corrupt.

Compared to current crony cop candidates both connected to corruption like Dumb and Dumber (Joe Groom and Kristen Ziman), even Bozo the Clown would be a better choice.

No dumb, dumber or clowns.

Instead, it's a no-brainer choice.


We will even pay for the new nameplate. Otherwise, it could end up over a hundred thousand bucks (crony Cordogan Clark would design it, crony Wegman Construction would construct and install it, crony Mundy Landscaping would landscape it and the cronies at the Dunham Fund would dedicate it...the Aurora Way).

Come'on, corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner, hurry up and snag Garry McCarthy before he ends up in a safe community like Naperville or replaces Greg Thomas in Darien.

At least while Weisner finishes his term as mayor or goes to prison, whichever comes first.

Note: all we ask in return for this is that Garry McCarthy let us have the honor of firing Kristen Ziman and Joe Groom before one or both of them end up being held accountable for the corruption they are "coincidentally" associated with.


Anonymous said...

its brilliant and perfect for the only city more corrupt than Chicago.

Anonymous said...

only in Aurora this would make sense. I agree. Way better than having the corrupt cops like Kristen Ziman or Joe Groom running the palace.

Anonymous said...

Love this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kristen Ziman, Chris Tunney and Weisner can get a prison cell together. At least we know Kristen and Chris have experience with three people sleeping in a close, confined area.

Anonymous said...

That photo of Ziman, Groom and Thomas playing along with one of Weisner's publicity stunt is perfect.

This is why we have rotten police brass.