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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

How Do We Get Rid of Bad Cops From Aurora to Chicago?

If shooting someone laying on the ground isn't bad enough, it's becoming clear the murder of Laquan McDonald by Jason Van Dyke is only the tip of the iceberg.

Even at the scene, police officers did nothing to come to the aid of McDonald while he lay there. How do you explain that?

From the missing dashcam videos to questions of tampering with video at the local Burger King to who knew what, when and why all the way up to the mayor's office, there is much to explain.

Chicago and Aurora both have a similar situation in terms of the leadership of the police department controlled by corrupt political mafia regimes.

Both cities have a history of bad cops rising up while many good cops are kept under control.

We constantly hear from the good cops in Aurora that the political situation, corruption and schemes favor those who are bad.

Aurora's culture has allowed those engaged in nepotism, affairs, sexual misconduct, racism and corruption to be elevated.

To be fair, it's not just rotten commanders like Kristen Ziman and Joe Groom or bad ex-commanders like John Dobran, Michael Gillofo, Michael Nila.

Or even figurehead chiefs who were there to occupy space like Bill Powell or Greg Thomas.

There are many others who are elevated despite being jerks and arrogant punks to the public. Bad cops like Michael Abbs, Jim Boatman and many more. Or those who never should be a cop like Chris Tunney or Kim Groom because of their sexual relationships with other cops.

Then, there's the good guys who work in the trenches. Ironically, we don't name them at their request because they would be retaliated by the bad cops, but those good cops DO exist and they are the silent majority forced to somehow exist in a department that has often resembled a brothel or casino.

It's important to distinguish between the bad cops in leadership and the mostly good cops who are rank-n-file.

It's the rank-n-file cops who protested outside corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's fundraiser, stood with the community against Weisner on numerous issues and have opposed his election every time.

So, it's not as simple as lumping all cops as good or bad.

The challenge is how to get rid of the bad ones when it's corrupt mayors and bad police leaders deciding who gets elevated.


Anonymous said...

repost from 11/30/15

Dobran, Perkins and Gillofo were all scum. Michael Nila, too.

And, the bad cops are being elevated. Not just Kristen Ziman or Chris Tunney but other morons, like Michael Abbs (Lt) or Jim Boatman (Sgt). The cop of the year last year was a lying pig, Doug Rashkow.

Someone should seriously map the incest, threesome and cheating spouses of the APD leadership over the years. It will make Game of Thrones seem timid.

And Grooms favorite henchman. Sgt. Scot Brosy, never smiles, cheated on wife with another cops wife. fell off motorcycle when drunk.

alex said...

Create a two tier flat rate salary structure. One at 35K for new hires and one at 60K for everyone else. Then implement a merit based incentive plan. These lazy cops will go, those that actually serve the public will prosper. Notice this will solve the pension issue as all pensions should be paid on the base amount alone.

Anonymous said...

Openline blog master please look up a federal discrimination case involving some aurora police officers that discriminated against females. The females won in court and received huge money, they all subsequently quit. I believe some of the males were Joseph Groom, Gregory Thomas, John Dobran. They all got rewarded and received pay raises.

Anonymous said...

The Chief from Chicago is now available. Our Mayor would be a fool to make either Groom or Ziman a chief.

Anonymous said...

OpenLine should send blog information to every city that hires Nila and Ziman plus advertise locally as most people don't know you exist.

Anonymous said...

To 8:22 AM It's Lt. Scott Brosi And he does Grooms dirty work. Groom gave him a raise as a reward. I hated both, glad I had my 20 on.