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Sunday, December 27, 2015

How Many Bad Cops Have Lied Over the Years Without Smartphone and Security Camera Video?

Every day, we learn of another situation where bad cops are being exposed for some type of misconduct, from shooting, beating, injuring, lying or violating a citizen's rights.

Have the good cops all vanished?

No, but thanks to a profession that discourages speaking up against crimes of their own, even many of those who are good are being silent.

It seems there's an "all-out assault" on the public by bad cops, but the reality is bad cops have been part of the profession, community and society for decades.

We just happen to finally be seeing much more of it exposed.

Not because of the body cameras or dash cams.

In fact, in Aurora, Illinois, the most corrupt city in the state, Crony Cop Kristen Ziman and Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner refuse to implement body cams for police.

Dash cams are only in a small portion of squad cars and Aurora Police are able to turn on/off at will, review before making their "objective" reports and other foolish policy that makes a mockery of justice.

And, it prevents you from knowing who are the good cops vs bad cops.

Instead, across the nation and the only chance at justice in Aurora, we are seeing bad cops being exposed by third parties, independent witnesses with smartphones and security cameras.

If not for them, many situations would be simply the word of a citizen against a police officer.

Without that video, what happens in a trial?

Until now, a jury would likely believe the police officer's version of what happened over a citizen.

How often have police officers filed a false police report?

Thousands of times? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

How many times have you heard a police officer being prosecuted for filing a false police report or perjury for false testimony in court?

(insert silence here)

Even ONE lie or false statement by a bad cop is a blow to integrity, justice, our society's rule of law and makes it more difficult for GOOD cops to thrive.

We asked Kristen Ziman, the cowardly cop from Aurora, if she knows of ANY situation where a cop lied and, of course, she knows of many.

Then, we asked her how many times she has spoken up loud and clear about that lie.

(insert silence here)

Body cams, dash cams, smartphones and security cameras are not going to stop all misconduct by police or the public, but they will help all of us determine just who are good and bad ones.


Anonymous said...

Citizens take notice I found this on a post. Lets all make a complaint and follow up so it is not washed away.

Apd || Professionalstandards || Faq

Frequently Asked Questions
What is considered a personnel complaint?A complaint of wrong-doing or inappropriate action on the part of any employee of the Aurora Police Department. Any person may lodge a complaint.Will my complaint be acknowledged?Yes. Personnel complaints, where violations of the laws or Aurora Police Department policies and procedures can be articulated, shall be accepted, documented and reviewed.What are some of the reasons that people file personnel complaints?Many people file personnel complaints because of feelings that they were treated improperly and want the Department to be aware of these actions. Many times, people do not understand why someone was arrested, ticketed, or had force used on them when they did not feel it was appropriate. Some people file personnel complaints because they think it will help their criminal case, traffic ticket, or for revenge against the Department employee. All cases are investigated thoroughly and appropriate actions taken.What types of complaints will not be taken?Complaints alleging disagreements on traffic tickets, parking tickets, or probable cause for an arrest are examples of complaints that may not be taken. These decisions are for the Court to make and not normally subject to review by the Aurora Police Department.How do I file a personnel complaint?A personnel complaint against any employee of the Aurora Police Department may be taken by any supervisor. Go to the front desk area and speak to the officer and request to speak with a supervisor about a personnel complaint. The supervisor will listen to your complaint to see what, if any, laws, policies or procedures may have been violated. Upon making such a determination, the supervisor will complete a performance complaint and request that you sign the performance complaint in the presence of a notary public. If a supervisor is not available, you may take a Details of Complaint form with you, fill it out with as much detail as possible, and return it to the Aurora Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards. By Illinois law, the complaint form must be notarized. You will be contacted when the complaint is received.Will my complaint be investigated?Yes. Upon the receipt of a complaint, the Office of Professional Standards will review the complaint and send you a confirmation letter. A thorough investigation will be conducted into all complaints. It is imperative that enough information be provided to thoroughly investigate a complaint.Will the employee be told about the complaint?Yes. As in the case with any potentially punitive process, the accused is afforded the right of knowing what he/she is accused of and who the accusers are. This is done in all fairness to the employee just as it is for any other person.Will anything happen to the employee?This depends on what the employee did and if the personnel complaint is sustained against the employee. If the employee’s actions were criminal, the information will be given to the responsible State’s Attorney’s office for possible criminal charges.

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Anonymous said...

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