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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How Queen Kristen Ziman Applies Game of Thrones at the Aurora Police Palace

Queen Kristen Ziman, the crony cop who has manipulated her way atop the $163 million Aurora Police Palace, is a fan of herself as well as applying lessons from Game of Thrones to her life.

In her recent covert campaign to discredit late Commander Joe Groom from competition for the top throne at the Aurora Police Palace, we noticed certain similarities to her approach with a particular character from GoT.

Learn which one:


Anonymous said...

How many Grooms are left at the police? 20 or 30? I read the Zimans run the sex stuff and stud service. What have the Kjendalls been doing they are quiet.

Also, I went way back in the blogs and saw that David Pierce got his kids a police job, how many of them are being paid by me. They are probably Generals in the sex and wine palace.

Are there other celebrity hirings we haven't heard about, please advise.

Anonymous said...

I think the Kjendalls are crushing grapes for the 2015 wine vintage. Check the basement at the police station.

Anonymous said...

My niece applied to be a police officer to help people. I'm worried that she would be a sex toy if she worked in your city. The reputation of the wild sex parties and drinking might keep good people away.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see the stalkers hacked another account of the Commanders so that we dont have to see the same picture over and over again. you need to see a therapist- OBSESSED!

Anonymous said...

Yea We want to see the great pumpkin head photo and the big stud

Anonymous said...

My wife's company dealt with David Pierce many times. He acted as he if was smarter than everyone, condescending and always a complete ass with a chip on his shoulder. I hope his kids are enjoying my tax money. Her company actually stopped dealing with the city of Aurora for that reason.

Anonymous said...

9:24 AM

That was so funny I can't stop laughing. My sergeant was a Pierce two years ago. That attitude must run in the family.

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Anonymous said...

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