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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Lindsey Graham Slams Donald Trump As Race-Baiting, Xenophobic Religious Bigot

As both Republicans and Democrats together condemn Donald Trump for his proposal to institute religious discrimination, Sen. Lindsey Graham may have had the most clear response.


Anonymous said...

Trump is mostly correct. We need to secure our borders, try just going into another country without a passport. YOU WILL GO TO JAIL, you won't get any government handouts either. WE need a complete overhaul and enforcement of our entry process into the USA. Until then no refugees and even then what is the plan to fix their country and return them home. Plus over 90% of Muslims allowed into our country are on food stamps and welfare. Pay our VETS first, PERIOD !!!!!

Anonymous said...

What idiot, bigot wrote the above comment?

Most Muslims are on food stamps and welfare??? Most Muslims are highly-educated, professionals.

Refugees are exactly that. People being forced out of their country. If you want to pay vets, start with not sending $3 billion every year to Israel and all the other foreign aid.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:53 Are you a liberal FUCK? I looked up the statistics that the person in 2:02 wrote. It is over 93% on food stamps. If it were not for our vets you would not be speaking so freely on this venue or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

93% of Muslims are not on food stamps. Prove it.

Laurice Tatum said...

This is coming from a 20 yr Republican Executive Committeeman at the County level. Graham you're a fool, no idiot, better yet you're all the thousands of negative adjectives that can be used to describe what is wrong with the Republican Establishment. You make me want to vomit.

You are a self centered, self serving jerk who has no regard for the American electorate. You and the beltway bandits continuing with the selling out of America. You sir are a disgusting example of what an elected official should be. The people who put you in office are a lot smarter than you give them credit.

Wow, what a hypocrite you are. Please response, I'll love to advise you on how to best improve your candidacy and representation. First piece of advice is you need to be telling Obama to go to hell.