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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Mythbusters | The All-Out Assault on Cops

Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman has often made false and misleading statements such as there has been an "all-out assault" on cops and other exaggerated references to make it sound like police are being victimized by the public.

We don't want to see a single person, police officer or civilian, harmed unjustly. We have zero tolerance for either.

However, the reality is far more people are being killed by police than the number of police officers being fatally shot.

In fact, more people have been killed by police officers in the United States than any other developed nation on earth.

The danger of Kristen's false and misleading statements is that it sends the wrong message to police officers she supposedly leads as a so-called commander.

Rather than rooting out the problem of bad cops, by portraying all cops as the victim, it says it's just the bad public that needs to change.

Kristen and every police officer should take a moment to understand just how many people have been killed in the United States.

If we are ever going to fix this broken trust between the police and public, we need to stop having bad cops like Kristen spewing false information.

We need to work from an accurate set of facts so we are all on the same page of right vs wrong over police vs public, not just Kristen's fantasy of police as warriors, the public as gladiators and everyone fighting with each other.

Note: Kristen Ziman is a so-called commander in the Aurora (Illinois) Police Department. From corruption to lying to the public on crime information for political purpose to hindering media investigations to exploiting taxpayers, she is at the top of our Aurora's Most Wanted List, with up to a $100,000 reward leading to her arrest and conviction.


Anonymous said...

Openline blog master please look up a federal discrimination case involving some aurora police officers that discriminated against females. The females won in court and received huge money, they all subsequently quit. I believe some of the males were Joseph Groom, Gregory Thomas, John Dobran. They all got rewarded and received pay raises.

G R O O M the most hated name in policing

God be with you

Anonymous said...

I was there in the 90's and I'm sure it was a sexual discrimination law suit in a Chicago Federal court. At that time John Dobron was the most hated, Thomas was just an average office cop and Groom was nothing special except a Perkins boy.

Anonymous said...

Open line you are bunch of fools!

Anonymous said...

Kim you remember what happened on our bus trip to Milwaukee. Fun Fun Fun !!!!! and XXX rated

Anonymous said...

Whats going on with those new groom hires, enough is enough, the mayor needs to look into that now. Its a slap in the face to all tax payers.

Anonymous said...

Man you got to read the posts under Rahm 11:25:15 lots to read about Grooms, Zimans, Tunneys, Deleons, Pumpkin heads and a Lurch. Interesting to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Sex discrimation doesnot surprise me. I have read about sex in parks and in the police station, 3somes, wife swaping, screwing other police wifes. Why are the guilty police still at work that caught the case. A brother would have been locked up.

Anonymous said...

12/2/15, 3:57 PM writes

the mayor needs to look into that now.

Let me get this straight, you want the most corrupt Mayor in Aurora's history to investigate something? Are you retarded or something?

Anonymous said...

Does that Abbs still get his short sleeves tailored to make his puny biceps look bigger?

Anonymous said...

You heard it first here: Joseph Groom will be Chief as the mayor promised his mother who is best friends with the Groom mother. Kristen Ziman agreed to be assistant chief for two years until Groom retires. Ziman will continue her teaching on the side with the new chiefs blessing. Ziman will promote Grooms wife to commander when she becomes chief and Groom will promote Tunney to keep Ziman happy.

Anonymous said...

It figures, same old shit!!! The two goons get their way, get rich and they can continue to hire their families, drink wine and have sex all day. I bet all those police cars will have new sayings on the back. "911 DRINK SEX FAMILY" and a picture of a wine bottle and devil tattoo on the sides.