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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nationwide Search Opens for Next Police Chief of Chicago, Not Aurora

While the "fix is in" for the next police chief of Aurora to make sure the top cop cooperates with the ongoing widespread corruption of Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and his boss, Robert Vaughan, executive director of a slush fund (aka "Dunham Fund"), the City of Chicago has opened the application process for a new chief in the wake of the firing of Garry McCarthy and the crisis in Chicago.

Some of our viewers have suggested that since it's important to get rid of crony cop Kristen Ziman from the Aurora Police Department, maybe she should seek the position of Chicago's top cop.

Aside from that being laughable for anyone who knows her, including her lack of competence or courage to survive in any department as a file clerk, let alone a leader, in any department outside Aurora where she was "bred" to be a cop, there's a thousand other reasons it would never happen.

For starters, the very first requirement for the new Chicago police superintendent says the applicant must have:

"The highest standards of integrity."

Right away, Kristen Ziman fails.

Most of our viewers know she has repeatedly lied about crime stats, twisted facts and covered-up for crimes by the corrupt.

And, there are many, many more lies by Kristen Ziman, who has a reckless disregard for integrity.

In her defense, she appears to be suffering from a severe case of narcissism, which includes lying without fear of consequence.

It's a tragedy to see a law enforcement officer lack such basic integrity so no, there's no chance in hell Kristen Ziman could be the top cop in Chicago.

Instead, she will focus on the already existing hell known as Aurora, Illinois and a future hell where she is heading toward with a one-way ticket.


Anonymous said...

Kristen is a scam artist. As bad as Chicago is, they aren't that stupid.

Anonymous said...

How does Weisner get away with not having an open, nationwide search???

Anonymous said...

You guys are an unbelievable joke

Anonymous said...

How many times you gonna use the exact same picture... SO much shit- yet never any proof. You say you talk to the insiders- people at thirsty thursdayw? I am there ever week and it is not her that they are talking shit about. Bring us some proof or STFU

Anonymous said...

7:29- the Park District never did a national search for their director either. That's why they hired a good old boy who'll retire in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

I really went to thirsty Thursday. There was a lot of talk about the officer that died, some were sad for the person to die. They all did not think he would have been a good or fair chief. The talk turned to Ziman and how she talks a big game but never worked in the trenches and was taken care of and dragged up the ladder. I asked about the new guy for chief Alfredo Dean and was told he is not officially in the running but anything can happen at the city hall. It was said that he is not smart enough to be a chief was trying to model his career after a Mike Nila, lots of stories about that Nila. If true he should have been in jail.

Anonymous said...

Only speaking out because it's important to all that our next chief actually possesses integrity/true leadership skills and not just someone that blogs and teaches about them.
Kristen is ONLY talk / No integrity. Nothing authentic or credible about portraying yourself as an advocate for Truth, Honesty and Trustworthiness when your actions prove opposite.
Evidence is in her actions. Nepotism, unprofessional behavior, excessive drinking, affairs and the use of political connections for personal and financial gains. It's actions that count, not words.

Anonymous said...

LCLV is guaranteed to be the next Mayor. There must be a bunch of whiz-bangs at City Hall wondering if they'll be fired in '17.

Anonymous said...

I guess the post comments about that dean guy will be true. My god baby blue uniforms would look awful.

Anonymous said...

How bout them Packers !

I ran into several old school cops at the club during the game. I heard that (pumpkin) Olsen retired and is working at a massage parlor. Also some of Grooms (God rest his soul)buds, they said Brosy an Hull and Weaks are worried because they were always against Ziman, They call her sugar tits behind her back.

It really fits about the sex stuff at your police station. Apparently Ziman used to sell adult toys. Olsen does massages, sex in parks, wife swapping etc. I couldn't stop laughing.

Time to toast the Pack.

12/13/15, 7:17 PM