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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Rahm Throws Top Cop Garry McCarthy Under the Bus to Save Himself

There is no doubt Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy deserves to be thrown out of the Chicago Police Department.

He is partly responsible for the failure to fix the culture that allows bad cops like Jason Van Dyke or Jon Burge and many more to exist.

However, Rahm Emanuel didn't throw McCarthy under the bus because he gives a damn about reform. If that were the case, he would have started bold reform the moment he became mayor.

Chicago's reputation is no secret.

Today was about saving Rahm and an attempt to slow the demands for Rahm to resign and political damage control.

As Rahm rushed out of the press conference like the coward he is, it was clear the media is just getting started asking hard questions, not finished.

Meanwhile in Aurora, there is the same basic pattern of problems.






From the mayor to certain police management.

Anyone who believes this crisis is "isolated" to one officer in Chicago or one police department in Illinois is hallucinating.

In fact, we can say in many ways, the situation is far worse in Aurora.

Kristen Ziman.

Chris Tunney.

Joe Groom.

Kim Groom.

Michael Abbs.

James Boatman.

All of these thugs should be stripped of a badge. There's more.

There's also many more good cops who are also victims of this mess.

They are the ones you don't hear about because they are just doing their job.

With integrity. Respect for taxpayers. And the law. Taking their oath to heart.

Chicago is in the midst of a fiscal crisis, ethical crisis and public safety crisis.

The entire nation and parts of the world are talking about it.

Don't wait for someone in Aurora to be shot 16 times or a video to surface or for a "task force" to root out bad cops and bad leaders.

When it comes to bad police leaders and bad mayors, always remember Aurora is second to none.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Kim from West. Remember under the stairwell Kim ?