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Thursday, December 10, 2015

#ResignRahm Spreads Despite Rahmpology

It's the first time during this century that the Mayor of Chicago, in this case Rahm Emanuel, may actually be held accountable.

Citizens of Illinois rarely get a chance to express democracy like the rest of the free world, but something is different this time.

Unlike King Richard Daley before him, Prince Rahm doesn't have the same fear-factor that allows him to get away with being a dictator.

Nobody is fooled by the tears.

It's not safe for a teenager in many parts of Chicago or Aurora.

All those that pretend to care actually don't give a damn.

Meanwhile in Aurora, crony cop Kristen Ziman won't let her teenage kids walk the neighborhoods she expects others to walk in.

It's not safe for them. They are special.

Kids in other neighborhoods are not special enough for Kristen.

So-called City of Aurora community relations and spokesman Clayton Muhammad has made a career of portraying himself as someone who cares about young black and Latino men, yet he works for a mayor (Tom Weisner) he knows is a blatant racist and corrupt and he looks the other way on police leadership that lies.

All of these fake leaders have one thing in common...they enrich themselves at taxpayer expense while the real problems get worse around them.

They pretend to "care" when there is a crisis.

They don't give a damn.

And, if someone like Kristen Ziman or Clayton Muhammad did care, they would be out there protesting.

They are instead too busy collecting their six-figure checks.

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