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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Training for Star Wars The Force Awakens

From Aurora to Chicago, our team deals with thugs, criminals, threats and the corrupt.

Since 2005, we've chosen the light side in cities and a state full of the dark side of bad politics, policy and people.

As Star Wars The Force Awakens opens, our interns (yes, they are Jedi's) have increased their training to get ready.

These skills are used ONLY for good to stop the dark side.

For our training, we secretly took over some of the wasted space at the $163 million Aurora Police Palace, a building that corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner with help from bad crony cops like Kristen Ziman, have exploited and ripped off taxpayers for millions to reward their friends.

With bad cops often dressed in black and white as stormtroopers to fool people from the Jedi's, we know how important it is to separate the bad from the good.

One more thing...

OpenlineBlog is giving away 4 tickets to opening weekend of Star Wars, The Force Awakens (no purchase necessary). All you need to do is like our Facebook page (click here) and, if you already have, we'll pick a random winner and let you know.

The Force is calling you. Just let it in...


Anonymous said...

You forgot to add that the future Aurora cops will wear baby blue

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Kjendall is really Kjendall-Olsen, I heard last night that she dropped the Olsen. So I believe that she must be related to that guy pumpkin head (Olsen). I wonder if they could make me a Blackhawks quilt together. she is probably a silent investor in the quilt / t-shirt shop.

Anonymous said...

So was Kjendall married to Olsen? Then who hired who first, I suspect that she dumped Olsen and became a Ziman. What a small world or Police Department it is.

How many Olsens are at the police station? This crap doesn't seem to end, time to start a new police department from scratch.

I would start by getting rid of baby blue boy, anyone that thinks that color would look good on cop car or uniform is fucking nuts.

Anonymous said...

Here's a whiz-bang from City Hall who'd make a lovely hire @ the Park District before he's fired by Mayor LCLV.

Alex Alecandrou is already Jimmy Pilmer's BFF and more importantly Bobby Vaughn's associate. He is the Chief Administrative Officer, but he's really just the Personnel Director. The guy does his work only after hurrying up to 3rd floor and huddling with the Mayor and his Chief of Staff on every decision.

No one'll want the last Mayor's personnel guy.

He'd play nicely with Jimmy, Bobby, and the other good old boys as he'd never make a move without permission. When we renegotiated our labor contract at the City, things dragged on for years because Alex needed to get Weisner and Ergos' nod on everything. This brown nosing would fit right in with Bobby and the boys.

AA's already part of the Park "family,' as he was appointed to the FV Park District Board of Trustees by Weisner and Lauzen to represent Aurora's old guard.

From Board member to Staff? An insider for a nice paid position? It's been done before. What better way to keep a fat pension rolling before getting fired at City Hall.

The Park District already has a Personnel Department and Rick Manager, but who cares? Open competition and equal access to employment can get lost, this Board's got one of it's own to hire. If all of these commissions that we have around Aurora for parks, water reclamation, schools, race relations, townships, county boards, libraries and nose picking can't get their own hired to save an IMRF pension when it's needed, what good are they?

Anonymous said...

How bout them Packers !

I ran into several old school cops at the club during the game. I heard that (pumpkin) Olsen retired and is working at a massage parlor. Also some of Groom (God rest his soul) they said Brosy an Hull and Weaks are worried because they were always against Ziman, They call her sugar tits behind her back.

It really fits about the sex stuff at your police station. Apparently Ziman used to sell adult toys. Olsen does massages, sex in parks, wife swapping etc. I couldn't stop laughing.

Time to toast the Pack.

Anonymous said...

Does the olsen massage parlor have happy endings

Anonymous said...

How does a guy go from being a cop to running a sleezy massage parlor. Does that suger tits do massages

Anonymous said...

Somebody says that Jim Pilmer is thankful this holiday season for a job he didn't deserve

Anonymous said...

The Openline interns are "Jedis"???? That is hilarious. The interns are delusional.

Anonymous said...

I'm sore from doing a real job perhaps I could get a glass of wine and a massage with a happy ending. But I will need directions to the Aurora police dept.

Anonymous said...

I'm dreaming of a massage for Christmas

Does the santa at the police dept. wear a red suit or powder blue ?

Humpity Hump Hump Humpity Hump Hump over the quilt we go

Alfredo the blue coat idiot don't you know the blue looks bad

Anonymous said...

Whiz bang contest. Who's the winner from City Hall, Fire Dept, Police Dept? Discuss.

Anonymous said...

What was the contest for, I think the dude in that blue leisure suit would be the whiz bang.

Anonymous said...

Was this BLOG created by the Groom cronies it really seems that since the guy died there really isn't much bashing of Zimans or Deleons or Tunnies or Kjendalls.

Kinda makes you wonder !!!!

Can OPENLINE get photos of the pumpkin head or the other charactors?

Anonymous said...

The whiz-bang contest is open to all entrants

Anonymous said...

The whiz bang contest is for all buffoons and jackasses working for our fine city. There's a big candidate pool of these clueless executive and command types