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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Uptick City | 3 More Weekend Shootings in Aurora

We've lost count of all the shootings in Aurora.

Partly because it's so hard to get accurate stats from the City of Aurora and partly because there's just too many to keep track of.

By now, everyone knows Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman proved her incompetence, threw the cops on the street under the bus and blatantly lied during crime forums earlier this year about the crime problems, trying to downplay the shootings as just "upticks" when it was a 150% increase from last year.

Just this past weekend, here are some upticks:

  • 12:30am Saturday in the 500 block of East Benton Street, Aurora
  • 4:15am Sunday in the 200 block of North Highland Avenue, Aurora
  • 9:10pm Sunday in the 700 block of East New York Street, Aurora
Unfortunately, as the crisis of bad cops spreads across the nation, there is also a crisis of violence in Aurora.

Yet another reminder why we need good cops to not only get rid of the bad guys, but the bad cops.

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