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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Viewer Mail | Should Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman Resign?

We received this viewer question:

"Should Aurora Crony Cop Kristen Ziman resign?"

Well, since it's not likely corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner would fire her or allow any police chief to fire her, the answer seems like it should be yes.

After all, she's connected to corruption, she's lied, exploited taxpayers, involved with side schemes with an ex-cop (Michael Nila) and is part of the extensive nepotism and in-breeding that is a chronic psychosis of the Aurora Police Department.

However, no, we don't want to see her resign.

That would be too easy for her. Once she knows she's run out of tricks to fool people and she'll be fired or arrested, she'll rush to resign and take the easy way out, unless she follows the example of her hero, Joe Gliniewicz, who chose the worst way to run away from accountability.

Instead, we want to see her stand before the people of Aurora and explain her lies, exploitation and have to explain why she looked the other way on crimes, threats, corruption and failed to work for you instead of working to advance herself. 

While she's standing there, she can drink wine and also explain how she's partied with the corrupt political mafia of Aurora, promoted alcohol abuse to children, infidelity and other outrageous behavior.

We want to see her say "I'm sorry" like Rahm Emanuel, just without the fake tears and crying.

Then, she can resign.

Don't worry, she will be fine, but you might not.

You'll be paying a six-figure luxury pension for Kristen Ziman for the rest of her life.


Anonymous said...

I really went to thirsty Thursday. There was a lot of talk about the officer that died, some were sad for the person to die. They all did not think he would have been a good or fair chief. The talk turned to Ziman and how she talks a big game but never worked in the trenches and was taken care of and dragged up the ladder. I asked about the new guy for chief Alfredo Dean and was told he is not officially in the running but anything can happen at the city hall. It was said that he is not smart enough to be a chief was trying to model his career after a Mike Nila, lots of stories about that Nila. If true he should have been in jail.

Anonymous said...

Linda Chapa LaVia will hold off on a chief so she can appoint a Hispanic as chief and in other city positions.

Anonymous said...

I bet that politics will dictate the new chief sounds like that Dean is going to play Ziman until the Chapa Via gets to be mayor the he will turn on her.

Anonymous said...

I think the kjendalls and deleons, zimans and tunneys will see whats going on and sabotage deans plans.

Anonymous said...

Cops I talk to say Kristen is all smoke and mirrors. She hasn't worked the streets for many years and doesn't really understand how to fight real crime. She needs to rely on a book, training and she has no instinct.

I also asked one cop if it's true she and Chris Tunney are getting rich and he said "oh yeah." That stuff about the Dunham Fun paying off Tunney and indirectly to Kristen is all true.

What a corrupt city.

Anonymous said...

Is Rosario DeLeon still working for the City?

Anonymous said...

Is she part owner of that Olsen quilt shop too? Then she is really raking in the coin.

Anonymous said...

Does she own a vine yard

Anonymous said...

I think baby blue is cool and would look good on cops

Anonymous said...

You have come close to exposing Ziman for what she really is! I have been waiting for that moment, but you just keep missing the mark. As a citizen of this community, I just can not stay quiet any more. So here it is Mr Blog, maybe you should look into why she is no longer with Blue Courage. I am pretty sure the word courage did not belong into her "bad" behavior. Just another place her true self was found out and ousted for her immature actions.

Ziman leaves an untrustworthy trail of her personal life and her professional life, just ask her ex-husband (works for the Dept) and her current wife, who she left her husband for ( also works for the Dept). Why does the Department allow infidelity and nepotism? Ziman's Dept sponsored travels are a joke. Yes, I know she is well educated, but her morale compass needs to be recalibrated . These trips that are paid for by the citizens of Aurora, Ziman uses for her own pleasure. Yet another trail, but this trail involves infidelity. I hear she has "girlfriends" all over the country that stroke her never ending ego. Just think what the trips are going to be like when/if she is promoted to Chief.

Many people have talked about her behavior around town and in the police community. If Ziman can not control her personal life and be the wife and mother she should be, how can she honestly lead this department with integrity and morality?

Anonymous said...

Those that can't do teach.

If you want to teach then quit. There are many retired professional cops that could do the teaching. So if you like being a cop stay in Aurora and fuck the free trips.

Anonymous said...

Get a real job