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Monday, December 21, 2015

Violent Crime Is Down...Unless You Live in Aurora or Chicago

There were nearly 3,000 fewer violent crimes in 2014 than the year before and more than 600,000 fewer than in 1995—that’s a 35 percent decline over the period.

The latest data from the UN suggests that this is part of a global trend—to take one category of violent crime, homicide rates have dropped by an estimated 6 percent in the countries for which data was available between 2000 and 2012.

If you watch Presidential debates, listen to most media or have the misfortune of living in Aurora or Chicago, Illinois (two cities with corruption, wild spending, high taxes, bad cop leaders, bad elected leaders), you would feel different.

Furthermore, terrorism, war, and murder together remain a minor cause of death worldwide.

The World Health Organization estimates that 119,463 people died in incidents of “collective violence and legal intervention,” such as civil war, and 504,587 died from episodes of “interpersonal violence,” such as homicide, in 2012, the most recent year for which data is available.

In the same year, according to the Global Terrorism Index, 11,133 people died in terrorist attacks—suggesting terrorism accounted for about 1.8 percent of violent deaths worldwide.

And for all that terrorism deaths have increased since 2012, they remain responsible for perhaps three hundredths of one percent of global mortality.

All collective and interpersonal violence together accounted for around 1.1 percent of total deaths in 2012.

Rabies was responsible for three times as many deaths as terrorism that year.

Stomach cancer killed more people than murder, manslaughter, and wars combined.

None of the Presidential candidates will address stomach cancer or rabies.

At the same time, none of local police or elected misleaders in Aurora or Chicago will tell you why they have a crime epidemic.

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