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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Weisner Regime and Aurora City Council Shove Tax Levy Increase Down Taxpayers Throats

Aurora, already one of the highest taxed cities in America and rated one of the worst places to retire, just made it even worse.

Corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner and his mostly rubber-stamps on the Aurora City Council threw taxpayers under their wild spending bus with a tax levy increase as part of a nearly $400 million budget for 2016.

After a decade of spending billions, fiscal incompetence, massive debt, skyrocketing taxes and reverse economic development that has spread poverty across the city, Weisner has made it clear he simply doesn't care as he pushes for more and more taxes.

Weisner also wants to increase the gas tax by 4 cents a gallon.

Thanks to bad fiscal management, rewarding cronies and unions for previous campaign contributions, the city will increase spending for operations by another 5.3% in 2016.

Weisner and his spokesgirl, Carie Ergo, say it's mostly because of "negotiated union contracts" which they negotiated at the expense of taxpayers after getting campaign cash stuffed into their pockets.

10th Ward Alderman Lynne Johnson, the only city council member to reject the fiscal scheme by the mayor, said her far east residents are already paying the highest taxes in the region and cannot afford another increase, no matter how small or big.

In fact, many of the far east side residents from Stonebridge to White Eagle, already pay staggering amounts in taxes and, along with many west side residents, who all subsidize the fiscal black hole in the middle of downtown and the near east side.

Former Alderman Rick Lawrence addressed the city council and said the budgeting process has continued to shift "the burden to the residential taxpayer" while not only failing to attract new economic development, but going backward.

Specifically, he pointed to the "deal" the city and West Aurora School District 129 made to purchase the Dreyer Medical Clinic property, removing 15 acres of private commercial property off the tax rolls for years to come.

"That's 15 acres that will never be redeveloped," he said and added "the budget reflects a flawed business plan."

Carie Ergo tried to make excuses for the high taxes and claimed the city's economic development has never been better.

Later, she admitted she was referring to the outlet mall expanding on plans they've had for years and benefits the Batavia school district.

Weisner tried to shift blame from his failures of Shodeen, Restaurant Row, Old Copley, Lowe's, Cub Foods, east side, west side, downtown and everywhere by saying the reason property taxes are so high is because of Illinois, not the city.

FACT CHECK: Aurora's taxes are 3x higher than Naperville for the same school district 204.

Weisner said "the idea there has been irresponsible budgeting is bunk."

Okay, we agree, whatever Weisner says is bunk.

Ergo was also asked by Alderman Johnson to explain why RiverEdge Park is losing money for taxpayers when the original promise was no taxpayer cost.

Ergo said "it's a park. It's not supposed to make money."

Alderman Bob O'Connor, the "Ed Burke" chair of the finance committee, who has no fiscal competence, said the city should be "proud" of the wild spending budgets that have raised taxes, debt and are driving out taxpayers from the city.


Anonymous said...

We're not stupid out here. I read where that $500 mil figure for permit valuation was used in the name of economic development. I'll bet much of that was for the expanded outlet mall and a few buildings off N. Randall. Look at the rest of the City. We still have that vacant place once known as Casmo Market. While communities north and south of us have vibrant development along Orchard, we're sitting on vacant land. Restaurant row is an embarrassment, but we can buy day old bread at that new place just a few blocks away on Cedar. That business for the old library is already located in town. North Lake Street continues to be a ghetto while West Galena is not far behind on the ghetto chart with vacant stores and a grade .5 Walmart. South River and Lake are bursting with new buildings thanks to the new library. Hill Ave. is a shooting gallery and let's not forget all those new stores on Farnsworth south of I-88. Help us out with our taxes please and at least try and bring in something else in besides housing in an old hospital.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the Masonic building? Maybe if the City sinks another $500,000 into it, it'll fall down on its own. Is the Hobbs building still turning into the leaning tower of Pisa West? When's the last time there's been any new commercial construction on Orchard Rd in Aurora? Yeah, we're bursting with development progress downtown and uptown.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Aurora home owner, tax me some more please. The Citys got more empty storefronts to make up for.