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Friday, December 18, 2015

White House Confirms Barack Obama Will Give Non-Traditional State of Union Speech | Don't Believe Us? Just Watch

White House officials are pledging that President Obama will deliver a “non-traditional” State of the Union address in January, the last time he will deliver the annual speech as president.

The speech will also be earlier than usual, on January 12th.

The address will still be given in the Capitol before joint session of Congress.

But instead of rattling off a laundry list of proposals for lawmakers to consider, a senior White House official said the president will take a “big picture approach to some of the challenges and opportunities that we face” as a country.

To our longtime friend and viewer, Barack Obama, we say use this final SOTU speech to make an impression:

Just sing the speech.

1 comment:

askar said...

Will he finally announce he is the gay?
Will he finally day that Michelle is the transvestite and that their children are adopted?
Will he finally say I am Mulsim?