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Friday, January 22, 2016

An Open Letter to Queen Kristen Ziman of Aurora After Her Attack of Taxpayers

Kristen, seriously have you been drinking again or is your narcissism really just this out of control?

Do we need to accelerate spending millions on the expansion of the Aurora Police Palace to fit your exponentially growing head, ego, PR and self-promotion machine along with the new wine bar?

We heard about your attack and irresponsible behavior on Facebook toward a taxpayer for having the audacity to express his view and question her excellency, the Queen.

By the way, Kristen, next time you disparage a taxpayer who has done far more to reduce crime than you've ever pretended to do, at least stop using the airbrushed photo with a badge with your new fake first name of "Chief."

What's the matter? Too insecure to just be dressed and named Kristen? You need to remind everyone and stick it everywhere that you are big bad chief and/or Queen because it feeds the ego and narcissism?

Sorry to break this to you, but most people think of you as a clown dressed in a police uniform so it would give you more credibility to stop exploiting the badge.

On the other hand, maybe when you end up in prison where you belong, you can tell the other prisoners your first name is "Chief." Let's see how well that works out.

Maybe you can even get a cell next to Blago. You know, a couple of narcissistic psychobabblers who can't shut up sitting next to each other 24 hours a day would be fitting punishment, although to be fair to the former governor, your misconduct has been far worse, he isn't as corrupt as you and you clearly deserve a much longer sentence. Hello, Lifetime network.

And, please stop making idiotic statements like it's your police department or your city like you own it or are magically above everyone else, including every other cop. We know it's an easy mistake to make if you lack basic respect for taxpayers, other cops or your responsibility.

Might want to go take a training course on respect for taxpayers. Too bad Michael Nila or Frankie Covey doesn't offer that course. Maybe it's time to bring back those WIG's, Wildly Important Goals, like reducing corruption by 1%.

Get this through your extremely large head. It's our city, we and the rest of the taxpayers pay for it and you work for us.

If you can't handle that, step aside for a real cop with integrity to handle the serious responsibility this job requires.

Just be sure to rip off the badge you've tainted on the way out of the police palace.

Be careful, don't drive the $500,000 APD tank past any of the red light cameras you love brought to Aurora by corrupt Redflex.

And start growing up, stop drinking and get some professional help for this narcissistic rage before you harm someone with your attacks and continued abuse of your position.

For the Watch. For taxpayers. For our city...

...this is Queen Kristen Ziman's destiny.

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