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Friday, January 08, 2016

As Expected, Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Names Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman As Police Chief for City Second to None for Crime and Corruption

As expected, Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner rewarded the political mafia by naming Kristen Ziman, the corrupt, wine-drinking, dishonest, bigoted and incompetent cop as Aurora's latest police chief to be next in a string of failed leaders.

The mysterious death of Commander Joe Groom made the move possible while Commander Paul Nelson was never considered because he isn't a puppet of the political mafia.

Ziman, also known as Kristen Kjendal, is also the top of Aurora's Most Wanted list.

Sources say many Aurora Police Officers were disgusted by the news, but nobody is surprised.

"Everyone knows Kristen's unusual rise through the ranks and her connection to the corrupt political mafia isn't a coincidence. The fix was in the moment Joe Groom died" said an Aurora police veteran.

Weisner is responsible for extensive corruption and Kristen Ziman not only has ignored it, but benefitted directly.

In 2015, when shootings hit a 150% increase, Kristen Ziman called it an "uptick."


Anonymous said...

Go Krisen, Go Kristen! Go Go Go Kristen! Time to set things right!!

Anonymous said...

AMazing- you can even twist a story like this. The mysterious death????? The man died of a massive heart attack. Let the man rest in peace.
And looking at the out pouring of support from the officers at APD on FAcebook and Twitter- wow yea OLB they are surely disgusted.
You boys are disgusting-

Anonymous said...

Sad to see what our department has become. Ziman making Chief says all that needs to be said about Aurora. Zero integrity and total incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Will that "ziman the seman" have free access to all female workers.

Anonymous said...

I think my wife and our neighbor went to a sex toy party she had years ago. Congrats Mrs. Ziman !!

Anonymous said...

I predict you will see an "uptick" in visitors coming by to see how ludicrous your innuendo can be. You've topped yourself this time. Shame shame.

Anonymous said...

This is a new low even by your deranged standards. You are very,very sick.

Anonymous said...

So why does it matter if she is a slut? Do you not like getting your cock sucked and burying it in pussy? I now I do, so the more sluts like her the happier I am. I don't care if she is a whore as long as I get some. Hell Kifowit blew me more than once. She is a good girl, I voted for her. At least she did something for me.

Anonymous said...

Aurora has returned to bring an embarrassing cesspool of crime, with a horrible reputation throughout the region. Build all the new libraries you want, announce unneeded school administration buildings and change one way streets until there are no more to change, but the fact remains that Aurora simply has an unacceptable level of violence that is pushing away residents and new businesses.

"Nice" people continue to abandon the Kane County parts of the City, only to be replaced by residents who are increasingly brazen.

If you'd like recent proof, take this past New Year's Eve, where at the stroke of midnight, illegal celebratory gunfire rang out like the Battle of Khe Sanh across the City. It was far worse than ever before. I'd like to see a true count on the number of windows that were "accidentally" shattered and the houses and roofs that took bullets. Other proof is the shooting of houses and vehicles throughout parts of the City which has once again sadly become commonplace.

Remember that we only hear about the cases that are actually reported to police by neighbors or passers by and published by the media. Unfortunately, a reluctance to involve law enforcement and cultural apathy have also become the norm for many Aurora residents.

As its Police Chief, Aurora needs a crime fighter who'll get a handle on this fatal problem and throttle it downward.

Kristen, it'll take more than writing smart little commentaries in the newspaper, creating interesting meeting dynamics and making ridiculous entrances at a kid's after school event in your full blue regalia and hat.

Based upon your body of work so far, you'll have to excuse us if we think that you won't change Aurora's ascending crime spiral at all. You're simply not up to it and the Mayor appears to have appointed you for all of the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

8:33 pm, straight up, the problem is not with the cops (they are just vultures picking over the taxpayer's wallet no matter how you look at it) or the mayor (another vulture picking over the taxpayer's wallets) or the city council members (more vultures picking over the taxpayer's wallets) the problem is with the apathetic voters in this city and the fact they let special interest groups band together to pick their candidates for them and then vote them into office.

The city of Aurora is now, by design, set to import more poverty so more federal, state, and county dollars can be pured into it and into the pockets of those who benefit from the many projects associated with the impoverished conditions of the city.

Anonymous said...

As taxpayers, we'll pay the Police Chief a load of money. She has three highly-paid 'commanders' under her and under them, a load of lieutenants and under them, a load of sergeants. Nearly every one of them makes over $100,000 a year. Why does our new Chief need a Deputy Director? Chief Thomas eliminated the position 8 yrs. ago. Instead of reinstating, just tell the new chief that she's expected to perform and deliver results with all of the commanders, lieutenants and sergeants she already has. If she truly deserves the job, she shouldn't need another helper.

Anonymous said...

You totally missed an entire operation that also is free from over site. I'm referring to David Hulseburg's Seize the Future (or Invest in Aurora). As you know, Hulseburg was recently featured in a probe of those that are taking advantage of IL pensions. He got his pension by tricking Lombord where he was fired but tricked the mayor into allowing him to finish off the year which he later found was going to set back Lombard six figures.

Now if you think that Weisnor's going to just retire and leave his cash cow to the whims of the voter's, you best think again. He's little mafia is going to hand pick the next candidate and finance them to know end; and with the Mayor having control of the Beacon News, nobody will get a word in edgewise.

Anonymous said...

Kristen Ziman is Chief I name only. The real Chief will be her mentor Mike Nila. Never could make it on him own but can do things thru Ms. Ziman.
Heaven help the good cops at Aurora. As usual the ass kisser will be taken care of.