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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Aurora Becomes Second to None for Corruption with Kristen Ziman and TomWeisner

Aurora City Council rubber-stamped the appointment by corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner of corrupt cop Kristen Ziman as police chief, making Aurora "second to none" for corruption in Illinois.

On the same night Chicago held a public session for input into the next chief, Aurora's corrupt mayor shoved through the political mafia's pawn without any input, no consideration of outside candidates and reckless disregard for both taxpayers and rank-n-file cops.

In a confidential survey, a sample of Aurora cops overwhelmingly disapproved the appointment of Kristen Ziman based upon her incompetence and inexperience, along with rising based upon nepotism and relationships with other cops.

In a city with chronic crime and a 150% increase in shootings she called just an "uptick," Kristen says nothing will change except more "training."

That training will be funded by the corrupt political mafia and her close friends at the Dunham Fund, a slush fund controlled by the mayor's corruption boss, Bob Vaughan and associated with ex-cop Michael Nila, who previously paid cash for city contracts and operates a taxpayer-exploiting training scheme that Kristen Ziman is a partner with.

Chris Tunney, who is Kristen Ziman's spouse, is a paid board member of the Dunham Fund, helping to move corrupt deals across Aurora.

"This is historic, you have a blatantly corrupt mayor and a blatantly corrupt cop with conflicts-of-interest operating without any oversight or accountability" said a current cop who asked to remain anonymous.

"Kristen Ziman is no better than Joe Gliniewicz, the coward cop from Fox Lake. She should not be trusted. Everyone knows the only reason a known corrupt mayor would appoint her is if he believes she will keep their schemes alive, not stop them."

Kristen Ziman, Tom Weisner, Chris Tunney and Robert Vaughan are among Aurora's Most Wanted and there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to their arrest and conviction.


Anonymous said...

You totally missed an entire operation that also is free from over site. I'm referring to David Hulseburg's Seize the Future (or Invest in Aurora). As you know, Hulseburg was recently featured in a probe of those that are taking advantage of IL pensions. He got his pension by tricking Lombord where he was fired but tricked the mayor into allowing him to finish off the year which he later found was going to set back Lombard six figures.

Now if you think that Weisnor's going to just retire and leave his cash cow to the whims of the voter's, you best think again. He's little mafia is going to hand pick the next candidate and finance them to know end; and with the Mayor having control of the Beacon News, nobody will get a word in edgewise.

Anonymous said...

I see a photo of the mayor but who is the old guy and the boy wearing the hoody and the haggard looking woman behind the steel bars? What does the picture mean?