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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Survey Says Aurora Police Officers Strongly Disapprove of Kristen Ziman As PoliceChief

A random sample of Aurora Police Officers were surveyed about the next police chief.

Here are the preliminary results:

1. Do you approve of Kristen Ziman being appointed chief?

88% No
12% Yes

2. Do you consider Kristen Ziman competent, experienced and qualified to be a police leader of any kind, including commander?

81% No
19% Yes

3. Do you believe Kristen Ziman's gender, sexuality, political relationships and power seeking have been primary to her rise at the APD?

97% Yes
3% No

4. Is nepotism a problem at the APD?

95% Yes
5% No

5. Should the APD have a new chief from outside?

68% Yes
32% No

6. If the only option is an internal candidate, who should it be?

81% Paul Nelson
13% Kristen Ziman
6% Someone Else

7. Does Chris Tunney get away and benefit by being Kristen's sidekick?

98% Yes
2% No

8. Was Kristen's use of the term "uptick" for a 150% increase in shootings appropriate?

99% No
1% Yes

9. Should the next mayor promise to fire Kristen Ziman, keep her as chief or demote her?

76% Fire
12% Keep
12% Demote

10. Do you believe there is widespread corruption in Aurora, including with the construction of the $165 million police palace, by Mayor Tom Weisner?

93% Yes
7% No


Anonymous said...

What was the sample size? How was this survey conducted? Did you utilize actual research discipline or did you just revert to your usual form of wild assertions rooted in fantasy. Oh, Afik. You and Rick are so 5yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

We used Survey Monkey

Anonymous said...

If the cops actually believe this why don't they protest outside city hall like they did when their contract was up? Answer - they don't care.

Anonymous said...

Or could be any objection to the appointment could lead to serious repercussions in the work place

Anonymous said...

You totally missed an entire operation that also is free from over site. I'm referring to David Hulseburg's Seize the Future (or Invest in Aurora). As you know, Hulseburg was recently featured in a probe of those that are taking advantage of IL pensions. He got his pension by tricking Lombord where he was fired but tricked the mayor into allowing him to finish off the year which he later found was going to set back Lombard six figures.

Now if you think that Weisnor's going to just retire and leave his cash cow to the whims of the voter's, you best think again. He's little mafia is going to hand pick the next candidate and finance them to know end; and with the Mayor having control of the Beacon News, nobody will get a word in edgewise.

Anonymous said...

So I was speaking with fellow patrol officers yesteday- None of us ever had an opportunity to take a survey from you-
We did take one from the city and all of us picked Chief Ziman!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey. What ever happened to the blue suit freak?

Is he going to run for fireman chief or wait till Chapa Via is mayor and makes him the first Mexican chief.

Can open line give an update on the other clowns like kjendall, tunnie, grooms, deleones, pierces. They just didn't disappear. I almost forgot pumpkin and lurch and the fester.

Roger G.

Anonymous said...

That's cute roger: I want to know more about Ziman the Seman, anyone got his phone number?

Anonymous said...

How stupid are you 4:38
CALL 911

Anonymous said...

My wife wants to meet the blue suit dude

Anonymous said...

Maybe your wife would like to meet blue boy and ziman da seman