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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Aurora to Livestream City Council Meetings?

City of Aurora launches livestream.

...for weather. 

Sorry, still no broadcast or video of city council meetings where you might see the torrential spending, accumulation of corruption, making it rain for cronies and the nonstop lack of sunshine and transparency for a city second to none for corruption, taxes and crime.

Instead, it's just a tiny camera mounted on top of a building to give you a view of downtown Aurora with its reverse economic development and decade of failure by corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner.

"Now, you don't have to imagine how depressing downtown Aurora has become under this mayor, you can see it for yourself from anywhere in the world 24/7" said spokesgirl Carie Ergo.

Former alderman Rick Lawrence asked if the view of downtown would include the area where the Shodeen fiasco was supposed to go.

City treasurer Brian Caputo urged the Weisner regime not to allow the camera to face anywhere near the Shodeen fiasco since he's been waiting for it to generate tax increment since 2009 and it will never do so, as Alderman Lawrence correctly predicted.

Corrupt cop and wine addict Kristen Ziman will be holding a wine drinking ceremony at your expense on top of the building to honor the new "WeatherBug" station.

No word yet when her new $2 million (guaranteed minimum price) wine bar opens at the $165 million Aurora Police Palace but, like every other taxpayer-funded project, it will be "coincidentally" designed by Cordogan Clark, constructed by Wegman Construction, fake tree planted by Mundy Landscaping, along with a small grant from the corrupt crew at the Dunham Slush Fund for unlimited drinks for the political mafia.

When asked why it was appropriate to spend $2 million taxpayer funds on a wine bar at the police palace, Ziman said the city spent at least that for a beer bar (Ballydoyle) so it's time to utilize all the wasted space at the police palace to honor the new corrupt Queen of the APD.

Larry Frieders, a longtime resident and business owner who has been trying to find something positive about Aurora as the city decays, deteriorates and dies, pointed out that while you may not be able to watch livestream video of city council meetings, you will at least be able to watch the weather outside from within the city council chambers, assuming the multi-million wifi signal finally works and taxpayers are allowed to use what they paid for.

Commander Paul Nelson, the more experienced and competent cop at the APD passed over for the incompetent, dishonest, inexperienced Kristen Ziman, also reminded us there will be no video from body cams in Aurora because there are none.


Anonymous said...

Do you not know where City Hall is? The meetings are open to the public. But that means actually having to decloak from behind bullshit mountain. Unless you aren't welcome there anymore?

Anonymous said...

Is there actually a taxpayer subsidized wine bar going in or is this just openline?

Anonymous said...

I want my wife to go to one of her sex toy partys, I am tired of sex with her.


Anonymous said...

Tom Weisner doesn't want video of meetings because he's afraid everyoke will see the corruption and wild spending.