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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FBI Reports Aurora Second to None for Crime, Sorry Naperville You Can't Touch This

Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner frequently boasts (or hallucinates) that Aurora is "second to none" and further says "we don't want to be like Naperville."

Naperville, next door with its thriving downtown, successful climate for business families and schools is consistently ranked as one of America's Best Cities, so of course, why would Aurora want to be like that?

However, we may have figured out why the corrupt mayor of Aurora is finally right about Naperville. It can't come close to Aurora's status for crime.

In addition to building a corruption-laced $165 million Aurora Police Palace and a 150 percent increase in shootings in 2015, corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner and his corrupt police chief Kristen Ziman can celebrate the following crime stats released by the FBI to OpenlineBlog:

Stats are from January to June 2014–2015
Offenses Reported to Law Enforcement

Aurora's overall major violent crimes: 296
Naperville's overall major violent crimes: 45

Rape increased in Aurora by 33%
Naperville had a 40% decrease

Aurora had 400% more murders than Naperville, which had ZERO.
(note: Naperville didn't issue any police bonuses for the zero murder stat)

Aurora had almost 5X more robberies than Naperville (47 to 10).

Aurora almost doubled Naperville for property-related crimes (1283 to 749).

Aggravated assault increased in Aurora, decreased in Naperville. You have an almost 7X chance of being a victim in Aurora (221 to 33).

Burglary was UP in Aurora, DOWN in Naperville with over three times as many in Aurora (207 to 65).

Naperville trailed Aurora by a wide margin for larceny thefts (671 to 1021).

Aurora easily defeated Naperville for most motor vehicle thefts (55 to 13).

Arson cases were 4x more likely in Aurora than Naperville (4 to 1).

Last, but not least, there's the one stat that is off-the-charts.

Aurora is overwhelmingly "second to none" for corruption, including by Tom Weisner, Kristen Ziman, Chris Tunney and others responsible for stopping crime.

Weisner recently appointed the corrupt and dishonest Kristen Ziman as police chief recently, excluding any outside candidates for a city renowned for crime.

When it comes to crime and corruption, the Dark Side is strong with Tom Weisner and Kristen Ziman. Aurora prevails. Sorry Naperville, you can't touch this (watch).

NOTE: We reached out to corrupt cop Kristen Ziman for comment. She was unavailable but seen drinking wine.


Anonymous said...

shame on the mayor and shame on Kristen Ziman. wow.

Anonymous said...

holy crap. Aurora is really second to none.

maybe the mayor will attack the FBI for lying about crime stats. LOL.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Will the dishonest cops of Aurora (the vast majority) give back their bonuses- nope. Will citizens of Aurora demand a pay cut for cops who obviously are not doing their job - nope (since they wanted a reward for murder going it down it follows they deserve a cut in pay when it goes up).

This is why Aurora is such a shit hole. A disinterested citizenry.

Anonymous said...

It's also why we have such lousy mayoral candidates. Who wants to waste their time being mayor of that place?

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Aurora can set a record with the new Fire Chief. The Chief they have now is retiring with a full pension at age 51. Let's see if one can be appointed so he can retire with a full pension at 50. Cmon, we know you can do it.

Anonymous said...

5:29 AM, why don't you run?