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Saturday, January 23, 2016

How Did Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman React to A Murder and Stabbing?

After being appointed police chief, what was Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman's reaction to her first murfer and stabbing as the person accountable for public safety and crime?

First, she tweeted about the amazing birthday party for her dog.

Then, she tweeted about some show.

So, we've sent her the following:

Hey Kristen, maybe you should put that glass of wine down, get your lazy ass onto the streets of Aurora to deal with last night's murder.

We know it's a weekend and you had another wild night partying but you are the big bad police chief and we overpay you a ton of money (not including the corrupt cash deal via Chris Tunney from the mayor's boss at the Dunham Fund).

On second thought, we need someone competent, so stick to partying with the corrupt and that amazing birthday party last night...for your dog.

Go ahead and please drink more wine. We have other police officers better suited and more competent to deal with these serious issues like a murder.

Eventually, with hard work of real cops, Joe McMahon can someday prosecute and John Barsanti can try the case. You can continue to party and focus on your PR, wealth and fame.

We got a feeling none of the other three candidates for police chief would be spending their time changing their Facebook first name to "Chief" (really, are you that vain?) or go tweeting about a dog's birthday after a murder, stabbing and shooting.

(Don't worry, at least your secret Facebook profile under Kristen Kjendal is still a secret, oops).

Shockingly, turns out not a single gang member is impressed or deterred by the appointment by Tom Weisner, the corrupt mayor, of the first "woman police chief" for Aurora despite all the nonstop publicity and self-promotion focused on gender instead of crime.

Like most of Aurora, they don't read the Beacon-News either or give a damn about hailing to the chief.

Were you expecting everyone to just drop their weapons, drugs and kneel before you like you want the rank-n-file of the APD to do? Strange that didn't (and never will) happen.

Congrats on your first murder. In addition to the exponential growth of corruption we can expect under you in Aurora, sounds like there will be many more murders, stabbings and shootings under your temporary reign as Queen.

Don't worry, if any of this crime gets out of hand, tell people your "plan" to call 911 and just call it an "uptick." Last year, that trick worked out really well for you when shootings increased 150%.

Thanks to the real cops out there trying to save our city while you celebrate a dog's birthday.

Onward and upward!

P.S. Just promise us you won't be as evil as corrupt Tom Weisner. When he hears bad stuff happens, he usually drinks a "tall one" and then kicks his dog. It's cruel but true.


Anonymous said...

Where are those ridiculous female-centric quotes that were posted last week? KC? We need some stupidity so don't disappoint now.

Anonymous said...

Where did the grooms, kjendalls, tunneys, pierces and deans go now that the city has a new chief. Who can they suck off now.

Anonymous said...

So did Deleon quit the police job since he got beat by a girl?

Anonymous said...

When is open line going to show all the damaging illegal evidence against Deleon, tunny, kjendall, pierces, grooms, Alfredos, and dunhams, zimans?

I havnt read any more wild sex and drinking stories, its getting boring.

Anonymous said...

What competent government mails a letter to the owner of a "family restaurant" when they suspect that an event promoter may bring violence and mayhem? Two blocks is a long way to walk.

Anonymous said...

Based upon case law. If the government knew about the potential threat then they can be held liable for failing to protect.