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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Introducing the New Deputy Police Chief for Aurora

Introducing the new Deputy Police Chief for Aurora.

As many know, Chief Greg Thomas eliminated the frivolous position of Deputy Chief for the Aurora Police Department.

Now, corrupt Queen Kristen Ziman wants to bring it back so she can free herself to go on speaking gigs, side schemes, get more rich and waste taxpayer resources.

There is no need for a "vice president" role of Chief.

Although Kristen was a terrible example of a commander who spent more time on donuts, social media and self-promotion than actual police matters, crime reduction or ethics, the APD has an example of a commander that is doing the job in Paul Nelson and others far more competent than Kristen that can do the job.

Instead of a deputy chief to cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands more to allow Kristen to pursue name and fame, Aurora needs a management team that is focused on crime in a city second to none for shootings, corruption and dishonesty at the highest levels.

And, yes we get it, Kristen isn't competent, experienced or capable of running a police department so some say someone actually has to run the department since Kristen is running around pretending she is Queen Cersei so maybe having a deputy chief could be helpful.

However, that is why we needed the new chief to be someone serious about the challenges of crime, not their name and fame.

Having said that, we suggest that IF a deputy chief must exist, it might as well be Chris Tunney.

What? Chris Tunney, the corrupt crony cop and spouse of Kristen Ziman as deputy chief? The one who barely survived as a school resource officer?

Since nepotism is what got Kristen into the profession, moved her up and she has lived a breathed clout over merit, it might as well be Chris Tunney. It won't be any worse conflict-of-interest than what already exists with Chris Tunney being part of the APD.

And, since no police officer can tell us what Chris Tunney does every day and she already doesn't answer to anyone, she might as well move into the figurehead position of deputy chief since she and Kristen already blend personal and professional life together.

Unless, of course, Kristen doesn't have confidence in the competence of her sidekick, Chris Tunney.

Maybe she doesn't think she's good enough? We know nobody can be as smart as Kristen but come'on Kristen, show some respect for Chris.

So, we say NO deputy chief but if we are going to waste hundreds of thousands, knowing it has zero impact on reducing crime, go ahead and make it Chris Tunney.

That way, when Kristen goes to prison for corruption, maybe the corrupt mayor can appoint corrupt Chris Tunney as the next chief to keep Aurora second to none for crime and corruption.

Congrats Chris Tunney, Deputy Chief!

Now, we can have a publicity tour of having two women at the top of the APD.

For the rest of the APD, sorry, you need to get back to work, there's a crime epidemic both Kristen and Chris are too busy to notice.


Anonymous said...

Whats the deal with the old lady in the cage, am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

That old lady in the cage is the corrupt cop Chris Tunney.

Anonymous said...

If we are going to appoint a corrupt cop as chief because she is a woman who parties and profits from the corruption in Aurora, makes sense to appoint Tunney as the deputy chief.

As for the hundreds of thousands that would be wasted, doesn't matter. It's not like Tom Weisner or Kristen Ziman give a damn about taxpayers or the cops on the street anyway.

Anonymous said...

I heard Kristen on 95.9 today making a fool of herself and lying to the radio station. When does she stop her PR and actually work on crime? Or maybe I should ask when did she ever work on crime? Has anyone heard Kristen talk about crime? anyone? Anyone? bueller?

Anonymous said...

Greg Thomas was not the brightest bulb but he was smart enough to realize having a deputy chief position was a dumb idea. There is no reason at all except to let Kristen play games instead of working for the public.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Aurora is the most corrupt city in Illinois. Maybe Kristen's best friend Vicki Morcos from the Dunham Fund could be deputy chief. Didn't she pick all the furniture for the police palace in that corrupt contract she got?

Anonymous said...

So, to rise to the top, you now have to be related to a cop, sleep with a cop or marry a cop? That is the new role model role for Kristen plus drinking wine?

Seriously, this town sucks if this is the best we can come up with.

Why didn't the corrupt mayor look for a new chief from outside?

Anonymous said...

Chris Tuney should not be deputy chief. She should be fired. There is no way both she and Kristen should be employed by the same PD. The incest and sexual affairs in Aurora is sickening.

Anonymous said...

Wait now, I thought the Kristen Ziman is married to that Steve Ziman, where does the Cris Tunney come into the play, is she their daughter or something.

Anonymous said...

Useless position. Only in government do you have so many unnecessary management jobs.

Anonymous said...

Is that lady in the cage Tunney the mother of Kristen Ziman, that's awful of openline to do that picture.

Anonymous said...

Greg Thomas married a hot woman. He is the man. Can you imagine being able to nail that every night? He is better than all of us, just on that basis.

Anonymous said...

Why does the new chief need a deputy? So many departments at the a City are top heavy with incompetent executive types. You'd think that if the new chief was really qualified for the job, she wouldn't need one.

Anonymous said...

when will you stop spewing bullshit.... please fact check.
Akif, you think you are brilliant because you run this blog. Maybe you should apply for DC!

Anonymous said...

Akif, I though that Rick ran this blog? Although I have talked to Rick multiple times and although his beliefs run tandem to this blog, he does not write very well. Have you seen his FB posts?

Anonymous said...

Help is on the way.... when Chapa LaVia is our first Mexican mayor and then makes her puppet Dean the first Mexican chief in Aurora. Burritos for all on restaurant row.

Anonymous said...

So that's the new eatery we've been waiting for on restaurant row! The boners at the City can finally take credit for it!!

Anonymous said...

Could I get a chalupa