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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kristen Ziman is Chief of Bullshit

A few days ago, we got a message from a police officer in Aurora talking about the appointment of corrupt cop Kristen Ziman as "chief" by corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner.

This police officer told us the rise of Kristen Ziman was proof that "bullshit has prevailed" over principles, competence, substance and common sense.

Kristen Ziman is the world expert on bullshit.

Nothing about her appointment has anything to do with crime reduction expertise in a city with chronic crime and a 150% increase in shootings last year.

Kristen spews so much bullshit that she even seems to believe it.

While real cops were working the streets and as part of a narcissistic self-promotion PR tour, Kristen appeared on a local radio station, 95.9 The River, with a old radio host loser Danielle Tufano, to proclaim how awesome Kristen must be for the corrupt mayor to select her.

Fortunately, the radio station is "second to none" for worst ratings in the Chicago area and isn't taken seriously other than airing fluff so hardly anyone heard Kristen praise Kristen.

When asked about the mayor only considering internal candidates, Kristen immediately jumped to say that was a good thing because it showed the mayor didn't need to look anywhere else with such a great candidate right here (with Kristen, of course).

Let's think about that.

Aurora is a city renowned for chronic crime and an epidemic from shootings to corruption.

Kristen Ziman has been a consistent part of that failure since the age of 17 when she was a cadet based upon entering under nepotism over any qualification or talent.

Forget Kristen or even Aurora, if you were the mayor of ANY city, given the crisis in police leadership from Chicago to across the nation, if there was ever a time to search for the BEST possible candidate, this is it.

That doesn't mean you don't consider internal candidates as well but you certainly wouldn't EXCLUDE candidates from outside who can provide fresh perspective, different views or question how things have been done in the past.

If anything, it's irresponsible to not at least have external candidates as part of the process to make sure that the entire police force knows this critical decision isn't about who's who, who you know, who's connected but seriously about how to lead a department, reduce crime and change the results for a city synonymous with crime and a $165 million police palace as a symbol to remind us all.

But, no, Kristen Ziman spewed bullshit as if it were somehow textbook police strategy.

It's embarrassing to the cops who actually give a damn about reducing crime, not increasing Kristen's ego.

Not surprisingly, the idiot radio host let Kristen's bullshit slide just like others in Aurora, including the city council have done.

Kristen has made a career literally out of speaking bullshit. She hasn't faced real crime-fighting for years and has no experience of success.

None. Zero.

All she has is a bunch of bullshit.

But, here is where this gets real.

If you are living in Aurora, you have a significant chance of being a victim of a shooting, robbery, murder.

And, you have a 100% chance of paying more in taxes because of corruption.

That is a situation bullshit can't undo.

When you hear about real crime and consequences in Aurora, remember there is someone with a expertise at bullshit atop the police palace and city hall.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't this the case with lots of bosses at the City?