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Monday, January 25, 2016

Kristen Ziman's Conversion to the Dark Side

Many viewers have asked us "what happened?"

"Didn't you guys say nice things previously about Kristen Ziman, the crony cop turned police chief?"

Yes, we did.

We thought she would be a force for good and fight against the Dark Side of Aurora, not join them.

She was the chosen one.

Then, things changed.

Emperor Bob Vaughan, the master of corruption of Aurora, Illinois, figured out how to take advantage of Kristen Ziman's lack of values, integrity, faith in the Force and obsession with wealth, power and vanity.

Kristen joined the Dark Side and became one of their leaders.

And, like others of the Dark Side, she too will meet her destiny.

While there may be chapters yet to be written of her going to prison and her downfall from society, the only way the story ends is with Kristen Ziman going to hell.

Much like her hero Joe Gliniewicz.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Latest from our delusional Chief Ziman: "I am my own super hero". She needs to be on a playground, not in a Chiefs office..

Anonymous said...

I thought the police station was a playground / wine club / sex club

Anonymous said...

I bet the basement has a big secret orgy room