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Monday, January 18, 2016

MLK vs Aurora Illinois

It's 2016.

Aurora's mayor, Tom Weisner, is a renowned, verified and blatant racist.

The corrupt police chief, Kristen Ziman, who embraced him and cashes one of the biggest checks in the city, is a bigot of different stripes and we sadly know of certain (not all) other police officers and firefighters who share bigoted, ethnically offensive views like her. And, yes, we find it ironic she's bigoted given her public stances on gay marriage. It's called hypocrisy.

A city spokesperson, Clayton Muhammad, who is black, stays silent while he collects a six-figure check. He knows the mayor is a racist. He cashes his check.

An alderman, Scheketa Hart-Burns, who is black, looks the other way on racism and corruption by this mayor. She cashes her check, too.

Bob Vaughan, the guy who runs the Dunham Fund, a slush fund run by the KKK of Aurora (they are all white) for the political mafia, once told us he would never allow that "boy" to be mayor.

He was referring to Richard Irvin, then candidate, who is black.

We could go on with examples but we know racism, bigotry are alive and well in Aurora at the highest levels of power in this city.

We know this has included bizarre statements on people's ethnic and religious backgrounds, attacking Hispanics to Asians, from Jews to Muslims.

Even bigoted remarks to Christians for saying "Merry Christmas."

Our longtime viewer, Barack Obama, once promised us change would come.

Unfortunately, it hasn't happened in Aurora, Illinois, a city that continues to decay at its core with rotten, racist and bigoted leaders at the top.

Good thing Martin Luther King can't see how backward Aurora, Illinois is in 2016. 

We think he would be disappointed to see who it's misleaders have become.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Openline, please. All the minorities you listed are total scum bags, each and everyone on e of them if more corrupt than the Mayor. Why don;t you tell the people about Irvin shaking down women for sex, buying them drugs etc? Why don;t you mentioned how many times hart-burns has sued the city for made up self inflicted injuries. The people you mentioned optimize the word nigger.