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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kristen Ziman the Roach Shows Up Like Queen Cersei to Taint Swearing-Infor Greg Thomas as Darien's Police Chief

As we previously reported and despite what you were told by the local fishwrap (Beaconfused), former Aurora Police Chief Greg Thomas was not ready to "retire" before being pushed out to make room for corrupt cop Kristen Ziman.

Soon after leaving the Aurora Police Department, he took the interim chief position in Darien for what was expected to be 2-6 months.

In what he called a test-drive, Greg Thomas found the situation in Darien better than what he left in Aurora.

Last night, Greg Thomas was sworn in as the permanent police chief of Darien.

It's important to note that despite widespread corruption in Aurora under Mayor Tom Weisner, we never have referred to Greg Thomas as corrupt.

Queen Cersei herself (aka Kristen Ziman) showed up in Darien at Aurora taxpayer expense like the roach she is to make sure Greg would not be coming back to reclaim his title as chief in Aurora.

What Kristen doesn't realize is we were there, too after being tipped the roach would travel with her minons to taint Darien and Greg Thomas' future.

Our memo to Kristen Ziman, the corrupt cop of Aurora:

Kristen, when you were in Darien last night to watch Greg get sworn in, we were there too.

Next time drive at your own damn expense, not taxpayers. We already pay you enough and that doesn't include the corrupt cash from the Dunham Fund.

We wanted to see what kind of roach forces a good person like Greg out, manipulates around Paul Nelson and trashes Joe Groom, all for her own psychotic and narcissistic personal ambition.

How come you ran outside for the part of the city council meeting where the chief has to address crime in the community?

That's right, you wouldn't know anything about that important topic.

Notice we never once referred to Greg Thomas as corrupt despite being in the City of Aurora, second to none for corruption?

However, that is already your legacy. Kristen Ziman the corrupt cop will be forever attached to your name.

Maybe it's time to switch back to Kristen Kjendal. 

Changing a name is easy. Some narcissist recently changed her first name on Facebook and Twitter to "chief" to boast how titles are more important than competence. Wonder who that moron was...oh wait, was that you?

By the way, one of our interns pointed out last night seeing you up close you are looking worse physically as time goes on.

Maybe all that wine and partying is starting to catch up.

What did you call it? Demons? Good luck with that. You will definitely need it more most.

In future, stay out of Darien and don't taint Greg's future by showing up like Queen Cersei.

Keep your corrupt ass in Aurora where it belongs until you leave for prison. You'll never be 1/10th the cop as Greg.

Just be thankful Greg hasn't come to reclaim his position as chief and toss you out onto the streets of Aurora, where you don't know what to do and have very little experience.

Sometimes, the truth hurts. And, we already know you can't handle the truth.

cc: Aurora and Darien

(skip to 27 minutes for appointment of Greg Thomas as chief and watch Kristen run away)


Anonymous said...

If she is at Darien who is writing letters to gang bars. I think the Beacon is hiding a story. That murder downtown should have been prevented. who was in charge and were they drinkin wine.

Were all those cops in the photo rom Aurora, if so who was watching my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Kristen was having a birthday party for her dog the night of the murder

Anonymous said...

It's ironic Darien has their city Council meetings televised and they make the police chief explain recent crime at every meeting. In Aurora there's no city Council meetings televised and a murder goes unanswered. No accountability while corrupt Kristen plays games. No wonder Aurora has chronic crime, corruption and zero accountability.

Anonymous said...

With all those new deputy chiefs in aurora maybe one of them could put their wine cup down and address the murder and other crime at a city hall meeting. They make way too much money to sit pretty and drink and have sex all day. Then they hire each others relatives.

If little Darien can televise meetings certainly Aurora can with the Weisner TV station and that free citywide WIFI ( a big joke) who got that kick back contract.

My wife won't go eat downtown or go to Hollywood anymore because of the gang killings

Anonymous said...

Aurora is a cesspool of crime, sexual misconduct, lies and corruption from City Hall to the Aurora Police Palace.

Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Tom Weisner about the sexual misconduct / harassment complaint made against him as a city employee before he was mayor.

Anonymous said...

So does he collect a pension while collecting a salary as police chief? How does this work? Two pensions or what?

Anonymous said...

One pension from Aurora and one salary from Darien. Aurora taxpayers are paying a guy who is 55 a pension of over $100,000 so he can get another $100,000 job in Darien. Welcome to pension abuse in the great state of Illinois

Anonymous said...

Is the chief thing in Aurora some kind of ponzy scheme, now we are paying one a pension and got two more new chiefs. Why do we need two chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Duh! You need 2 chiefs in Aurora incase one is too drunk, Aurora also should consider hiring a poet or advertising agent to simply write letters telling criminals not to sell drugs or shoot people. I think it would save tons of money.

Anonymous said...

that is super funny Akief!