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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Aurora Police Quiz: What's Narcissist Cop Queen Kristen Ziman's Favorite Song?

Everyone by now knows corrupt, dishonest, wine drinking, donut eating, rarely working, always posting cop Kristen Ziman, Queen Cersei of the Aurora Police Palace, has taken narcissism to the extreme.

Nobody thinks more highly of Kristen than Kristen (not even her sidekicks Chris Tunney or Tonto Jackson match her own self-praise).

After all, Kristen even changed her first name to CHIEF...might as well since she dropped the last name Kjendal years ago to help move up the ranks at the APD since Ziman was better for that purpose.

One of the nice Aurora Police Department officers at the famed $164 million Aurora Police Palace informed us that Kristen has a favorite song she listens to when nobody else is looking when she isn't getting enough praise from others.

Turns out we didn't even need to ask the FBI, Apple or a mysterious third party to hack into her iPhone to hear it.

And, for a bonus video, here's how to identify a narcissist like Kristen Ziman:


Anonymous said...

Akief you are a funny little man,.... If you give me your mommies number I will call her and ask her to please just try and love you so you can stop hating on women.
I love that the only women you boys dont bash is Johnson- who ACTUALLY IS CORRUPT! LOSERS

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of corruption at our police station. I read all of the topics I am appalled. A drunk chief the blue man and the letter writing Ficktel. And all the sex by the seman guy. WOW

Anonymous said...

Hi there- I was wondering when you were going to show back up on your site... You keep the same theory going- you boys are entertaining!