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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner Looks Foolish Again, So Finally Agrees to Eliminate Aurora Election Commission...Again

Election 2016 was another debacle for the Aurora Election Commission because they were unable to post results in a timely manner.

To be fair, the people at the Aurora Election Commission have had a tough job over the years. While most of their funding has come from county government, the money has flowed through the dirty hands of corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner since 2005.

It makes no sense to have a city election commission for some voters (Kane, Kendall, DuPage) while other voters in the same city deal with a county election commission (i.e. DuPage).

Election should be handled by each county and Kane County offered to locate a branch office in Aurora, in the same place as the current election commission, without any extra cost to Aurora taxpayers.

Eliminating this confusing situation, costs and creating more efficiency was first proposed by former Alderman Rick Lawrence.

Eventually, corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner agreed after an election night debacle.

Back in 2010, Weisner even agreed with Lawrence to begin the process to put the elimination of the election commission as a referendum question, which is necessary to make it happen.

However, Weisner's then and current incompetent so-called corporation counsel Alayne Weingartz screwed up.

Elimination of Aurora Election Commission Botched By So-Called Corporation Counsel Alayne Weingartz - August 2010

Now, the corrupt mayor wants to try again after the 2016 debacle. Six years after his so-called corporation counsel screwed up trying to eliminate it.

We've been pushing for the elimination of the Aurora Election Commission for many years, so the question is if Tom Weisner believes it should be eliminated today in 2016, what the hell has he been doing all these years about it?

The answer isn't a mystery. It's because while the Aurora Election Commission had a bad night in 2016, every day is debacle under the mismanagement, incompetence and failed administration of Tom Weisner.


Anonymous said...

Eliminating this confusing situation, costs and creating more efficiency was first proposed by former Alderman Rick Lawrence.

Oh- Rick when will you boys stop pretending this isnt you!

Anonymous said...

To bad you couldnt get re-elected.... Maybe that should tell you something

Anonymous said...

There is one and only one reason the mayor wants the election commission eliminated. The Aurora election commission has bent over backwards to help people who seek public office to navigate the bureaucracy and obstacles that the state board of election has placed in front of the novice.

This means you get more "joe-blow" common ordinary citizens coming forward and running campaigns. Th thought that someone,without a machine behind them can now navigate the system (one built to discourage) scares the heck out of the powers that be that but scum like Weisner into office.

The last state beard of election reforms were known as the incumbent protection act. The Aurora election commission has done what they could to assist common citizens in navigating the bureaucracy. That is why they are under attack. The mayor and the captains of crony capitalism fear honest, non-connected citizens getting on the city council, into the township, and onto the county board and park district more than anything.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rick- if you would have only been elected Mayor! You criticize anonymously because YOU COULD'NT GET ELECTED BECAUSE EVERY ONE KNOWS YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT