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Monday, March 28, 2016

Election 2016 | Donald Trump Is Winning All the Way to the White House

Every moment of this past year's political talk in field of SEVENTEEN Republican candidates, Donald Trump has been part of the conversation.

From throwing the political establishment off the cliff to controversial comments to his simple message of "Making America Great Again" it's been nonstop and, unless the elite come up with a way to bypass voters, he will be the GOP nominee for President of the United States.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is igniting young voters and passion for a revolution that's sticking it directly to the royal political couple of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Many experts say Donald Trump would flop in a general election. Those same experts say he didn't have a chance in the first place in the GOP primary...or when he slammed the political elite of the GOP along the way.

In fact, polls show Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton, has a better shot of beating Trump in November.

However, any poll is not relevant for one simple fact. The electoral college, not popular vote, decides the election and several states that would have been expected to vote for a Democrat, such as Michigan, New York, Virginia are up for grabs in Trump vs. Anyone race.

Other states with large chunks of electoral votes, such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida are also places that Trump can surge.

Trump's rhetoric may change after the primary. Hillary changes her tune every three minutes. Over time, we've already seen the "worst" of Trump and we haven't seen him target Hillary yet.

Like him or not, the reality is Donald Trump is winning.

He's creating a movement, not just a campaign.

And, Trump is blasting through the America's dysfunctional political system that has previously elevated the elite, incompetent and those who accomplish nothing in elected office.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it, Trump is America's only hope. We know what Hillary will do, and no other Republican is going to get elected. Trump at times has shown brilliance, other times buffoonery. However,he is very accomplished and obviously ca get things done. I don;t agree with a lot of his liberal crap (education, health care) but if he will build a wall and hopefully enforce our borders with lethal force, he has my vote. The only things that matter at this point is border security, a time out on refugees and immigrants entering this country, and the Supreme Court justices.

Anonymous said...

Trump may be accomplished, but he's not trustworthy. NO ONE knows what he really believes or what he'd really do if he got elected. He's a loudmouthed bully who says whatever is going to get him the most attention. He may have said the opposite position previously, or he may say the opposite tomorrow. He says he can bring jobs back -- how about starting with your Florida resort that gets visas to bring foreign workers here for jobs that Americans have applied for? You're such a great deal maker, what about living up to your deals unlike the times your company declared bankruptcy so you could go back on your word? If Trump is our only hope, it may be hopeless.