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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Obama Regime Hacks Into iPhone Risking Everyone's Security

Barack Obama's Department of Justice dropped their unlawful case against Apple to force them to compromise the security of millions.

While this battle is over, the war over privacy and preventing intrusion by the government is warming up.

Effective immediately, the government is the biggest threat to security for the mobile generation.

The government reportedly has used a foreign entity based in Israel to assist in hacking Americans.

Tech companies in Silicon Valley are united in their opposition to the government's overreach.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You can't risk security that doesn't exist. ANYTHING you save on ANYTHING electronic that is connected to any network, cloud, internet, etc., etc. is accessible. Don't fool yourself that this is the only entity that could have hacked into this I-phone. And it's not just the hackers going after your info -- Apple, Google, and all the other tech companies themselves are constantly gathering information on you. Have you downloaded a flashlight app? Guess what -- it's collecting your location info. The tech companies are crying and pretending they care about our security. They don't care about the info being gathered, they just want to be the ones gathering it so they can make money off it. The constitution protects us from UNREASONABLE search and seizure. Once a judge grants a warrant it now becomes reasonable. Finding what those terrorists were up to and hopefully preventing another attack, especially following the legal process like the government did here, is completely appropriate. Apple's only concern is their market share.