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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rahm Emanuel Should Name This Clown As Police Chief

After an independent review of potential candidates by the police board in Chicago, the process shifted to Mayor Tiny Dancer (aka Rahmfather), where it's naturally turned into a circus.

And, that's why the choice might as well be a clown for police chief.

Kristen Ziman, the wine-drinking, narcissistic so-called police chief recently appointed in Aurora to help protect corruption, is a clown so she would be perfect for a circus.

Mary Ann Ahern of NBC Chicago reported on Saturday the top recommendation for Chicago's chief, Dr. Cedric Alexander, was dumped for political reasons.

Even though a woman was one of the finalists in Chicago, nobody is making gender an issue like it was irresponsibly made in Aurora to justify appointing a...clown.

While it's true Kristen Ziman is female, she has a whopping THREE years experience on patrol and she displayed her crime expertise by calling a 150% increase in shootings last year an "uptick" anyone who knows Kristen Ziman must admit the clown would be perfect for Chicago.


Kristen Ziman is blatantly dishonest and corrupt, even more than corrupt mayor Tom Weisner of Aurora or his political mafia boss Bob Vaughan. To be worse than a couple of old punks who make Blago look like a choir boy isn't easy.

It takes hard work at manipulation, lying, looking the other way on cronies exploiting taxpayers and reckless disregard ethics, integrity and the laws she is sworn to uphold.

Kristen Ziman has mastered all that with corruption and personal benefit for herself and her buddies. She's the Joe Gliniewicz of Aurora, but it's actually worse.

Before Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner turned the biggest suburb in Illinois into the biggest ATM machine for cronies and crooks, Chicago was deservedly and historically "second to none" for corruption.

With the corrupt clown Kristen Ziman as its new police chief, this is a great way for Chicago to return to the top of the corruption class, where it rightfully belongs.

And, to be fair, Kristen Ziman has SOME experience.

She supported the red light camera scheme in Aurora with corrupt vendor Redflex. You know, that same firm that was such a success in Chicago and so many other communities across America expanding corruption to your nearest intersection.

It's called corruption everywhere, except Aurora, of course, where corruption isn't a problem, it's just normal business and a way of life.

Kristen Ziman also looked the other way on massive corruption for the building of a $163 million Aurora Police Palace that included contracts to her close friends.

Another "coincidence."

If Aurora is lucky enough for Rahm to take Kristen Ziman, maybe others from Aurora can join her.

There's Tonto, (aka Keefe Jackson), the frivolous deputy chief, who looks ridiculous as her personal boytoy standing next to Kristen at every publicity stunt.

Or Sgt Alfredo Dean who's usually not standing but often sitting at a desk with his feet up taking photos of his blue socks.

Most importantly, she can take away Chris Tunney, her cop spouse and chief sidekick.

Tunney doesn't do anything productive at the APD but in addition to the six figure salary she rips off from taxpayers twiddling her thumbs, she mysteriously gets paid on the side from a nonprofit slush fund, run by the mayor's campaign chief, the same Bob Vaughan.

Don't worry, it's probably just another "coincidence."

For Aurora, all this change would be fantastic.

The next mayor could put a competent, ethical, experienced and respected person as police chief.

Paul Nelson, who was already interim chief in Aurora briefly while the political mafia worked to install Kristen Ziman, could do it again in an instant. He has both experience and integrity, two things Kristen Ziman can only read about in books.

Imagine if the Aurora Police Department could get back to focusing on their jobs with a leader focused on crime reduction and not have to worry about the constant display of narcissism, self-promotion, politics, game of thrones and psychobabble from Queen Cersei of Aurora, Kristen Ziman.

Speaking of Queen Cersei, she and Queen Kristen have also walked around their cities wearing nothing or next to nothing without shame. The only difference is Queen Cersei is fictional.

Sure, Chicago taxpayers would suffer and Chicago cops would have an uprising with a corrupt clown as police chief.

We the people of Aurora already know Kristen Ziman lacks competence, experience and class to be chief of her neighborhood watch, let alone chief of a major city, but with a joker like Rahm as mayor and a much bigger circus, at least he would have someone experienced at being a clown.

It's a win-win for both Chicago and Aurora.

Send the corrupt clown immediately to Chicago and let's restore credibility to the Aurora Police Department.

Hail to the new chief.


Anonymous said...

Yep corrupt. When I was there, Dean was just a pee on and Jackson was stealing items on search warrants, Ziman sucked Lawler's ass. HAPPY EASTER

Anonymous said...

Three years of patrol experience???

That's all?

It seems Kristen has gone to great lengths to avoid being a real cop during her career.

I've never understood how she took so much time away to go to school in Boston while being paid.

Is this what happens when your family all works at the PD?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a nepotism policy to stop all the cops spouses and kids from being hired? It's a sick system.

Anonymous said...

Aurora is in dire need of a nepotism law. It's not just at the Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

7:59- it's obvious you never worked there - when will the lies stop?

Anonymous said...

The ounce of proof was on the rocks and quickly downed.

Anonymous said...

Are they, still hiring Groomes, Kjendalls, Zimans, Pierces, Deleones, Tunnies, Deens, and Dunhams. My tax bill can't pay for all those idiots and the booze and VD treatments.

Anonymous said...

According to Openline's pictures, she is still drinking that same glass of wine. Doesn't seem like all that much wine drinking to me.

Anonymous said...

I really saw a taco truck at the police station. How lazy, I am surprised they don't have a cook inside and a maid to clean up after the seman dude. ICK !

Anonymous said...

When has the Aurora PD every had credibility asks this 53 year resident?

Anonymous said...

If openline had any credibility they would deliver proof- only thing they do is spew lies and hatred

Anonymous said...

Hasta lavista baby