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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rewarding a Murderer

A few short years ago, Aurora Police Officer Jeff Weincek shot and killed a man in at Provena Mercy Hospital.

His statements on the victim shooting at him were contradicted by a woman.

That woman was an Aurora Police Officer.

Then state's attorney John Barsanti said there wasn't enough evidence to convict Weinceck with murder but there was no doubt he killed the man.

Mr. Weincek, who has an explosive temper, is a danger to our community. In today's world, his shooting would not have been swept under the rug.

At the time, Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman was one of those responsible to investigate and hold cops accountable who do wrong.

Today, knowing all of the above, Ziman as the corrupt chief promoted Jeff Weincek to lieutenant in the Aurora Police Department.

Now, if Jeff Weincek can just drink more wine, have sex with other cops, play politics and be corrupt, he can be chief in a few short years and follow the same path as Kristen.

Unless, of course, he kills someone else.


Anonymous said...

This is a disgusting post. I hope everyone who stumbles upon it will join in expressing how distasteful and disrespectful it is...even for this site (which is clearly run by an obsessive psychopath).

Anonymous said...

Agreed 12:29
I have worked with Wiencek for almost 20 years- he is a GOOD man who has given his life to the City of Aurora. This is one more thing that you idiots remaking shit up. Show us your proof- to ANYTHING that you say. You can't! Disgusting is not strong enough of a word!

Anonymous said...

You got my interest. What race is Mr. Wiencek and the person he killed. This could be a Laquan thing and a cover up. May go hand in hand with the restaurant row assisted murder cover up By that Ofc. Ficktel, and the "blue boy" and Weisner.

Anonymous said...

Would't the district attorney have reviewed the murder / shooting and pressed charges by now?

Anonymous said...

It's true. Jeff Weincek killed a black man at Provena Hospital a few years ago.

There was a standoff near a hospital room with a patient who supposedly had a gun.

Cops negotiated and there was a plan to apprehend him by giving the guy a food tray with sedatives planted.

When the guy opened the door, Weincek fired repeatedly and killed the guy, claiming he saw the guy with a gun.

But, there was no gun. That was verified by another cop.

The only reason he wasn't charged with murder is because you had different versions of the story from different cops.

The story is absolutely true.

Anonymous said...

To the first two comments, I'll bet you any amount the story is true.

Jeff Weinceck is a killer.

And Kristen Ziman promoting him is probably because OLB was investigating him. It's her way of retaliating against the blog. She doesn't give a crap if she promotes a killer.

Remember, Kristen defended the cops who killed the guy in Ferguson.

Anonymous said...

I worked at that hospital. That man was a danger to staff and other patients. Weincik did his job! A job most of us would not do. I was there and let me insure you that every option was used prior to deadly force!... A decision that you will never have to make!!!

Anonymous said...

I followed this blog for awhile, after this post I will no longer. I know this Officer and he is the equivalent to an Eagle Scout. He is honest and trustworthy. If you or me needed a cop, we would want "Heeemaaan"

Anonymous said...

I worked for him for a couple of years. Great Sgt.! He made me enjoy the job! He targeted the bad dudes! And left the rest alone. He is the leader that we need here! "Grill on"!

Anonymous said...


Weisner will be picketed and then thrown out, we will then picket the polices and get the white officer hooked up with a case.

Anonymous said...

Rick and Akief- you have hit a new low.... Bet you wouldnt have the balls to say this to Wiencek's face- cause you know it is all BULLSHIT.
What's wrong slimy little men- cant handle that Wienck is a stand up human being and cannot be poisoned with your shit

Anonymous said...

I have worked with Wiencek for almost 20 years- he is a GOOD man who has given his life to the City of Aurora.

If only he had given his life to the city. At least then we would not have to pay out this scums pension.