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Monday, March 07, 2016

Should City of Aurora Official Resign for Repeatedly Walking Away From Paying?

As many of our viewers already know, while being paid a six-figure salary by taxpayers in 2009, a City of Aurora official knowingly tried to walk away (steal) from $325,000 owed to BAC Servicing, formerly known as Countrywide Home Loans.

Alayne Weingartz (aka "Alayne Scatterday"), the so-called corporation counsel under corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner for the City of Aurora, knowingly and willfully failed to pay her mortgage and also attempted to cheat taxpayers by refusing to pay her property taxes.

Attorneys for BAC, said Weingartz was gainfully employed with income sufficient to pay but chose to cheat and steal from the bank and taxpayers.

Carie Ergo, spokesgirl for the corrupt mayor, said back then Weingartz's financial misconduct "would have no affect on her role with the city."

At the time, Weingartz's excuse was "due to various (unexplained) factors, my family experienced temporary financial difficulties which led to this situation."

City officials confirmed to OpenlineBlog that Weingartz was being paid her full salary during the period she attempted to cheat and steal from the bank, so there was no interruption in her substantial income.

Weingartz has repeatedly violated the law, ethics and professional conduct, including violations of the Open Meetings Act, attempting to incite a riot and making false statements during public proceedings.

As part of her misuse of her position as so-called corporation counsel, she went on personal shopping sprees at stores during business hours while supposedly at work for the city, spending taxpayer funds on her wardrobe.

She has also been seen breaking the law in restricted areas at school zones, and failing to remove holiday decorations pursuant to city ordinance

And, none of that includes her connection to multiple crimes of corruption involving Mayor Tom Weisner.


It turns out the 2009 attempted theft from a bank (2009CH003643) wasn't the first OR last time.

A few years earlier, Weingartz also failed to pay Norwest Mortgage (2000CH000152).

And, then AGAIN in 2013, she again was taken to court by for attempting to steal from the bank.

Do THREE foreclosures count as three strikes and you're out?


Turns out Alayne Scatterday is CURRENTLY a defendant in a forcibile (eviction) action (2015LM001889) for a residence at 1315 Deerpath Road in Aurora, filed in November 2015 and the case is OPEN.

City hall sources confirm taxpayers have continued to pay her a six-figure salary during these most recent cases.

Should Alayne Weingartz (Scatterday) immediately resign?


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like Alayne Weingartz and Tom Weisner are a bunch of hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

How does she still have a job with the City?

Anonymous said...

How much do we taxpayers pay Alayne per year??? She obviously can afford these payments, but choose not to.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Alayne herself say recently that "repeated" conduct like this was why so serious?

She should immediately resign.

Anonymous said...

She should be fired TODAY.

Anonymous said...

Alayne is paid over $150,000 per year and is intentionally trying to defraud banks, lenders and landlords.

How ironic.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it unethical for an attorney to be doing this type of financial misconduct? Shouldn't she lose her license to practice law?

Anonymous said...

How did Alayne ever get this job in the first place? Everyone knows she's a jerk to everyone who interacts with her. Does she have some secret info on Weisner's past that he has to keep her employed?

Anonymous said...

Alayne should be ashamed of herself. She's been paid a luxury salary at our expense. She should be fired.

Anonymous said...

Did Alayne write the letters to that bar on restaurant row, that ultimately caused a murder and now a cover up.

Anonymous said...

She wrote the Shodeen contracts and the River Edge park fiasco.

Anonymous said...

She must have a lot of dirt on Weisner