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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman Takes Narcissism to New Level

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman is a narcissist.

After being named "chief" of the Aurora Police Department, she went on a publicity spree to make sure everyone on earth who would listen knew how special she thinks she is.

It got so bad she changed her first name across social media from "Kristen" to "Chief."

Narcissists need you to know they are important. They also need to remind themselves and anyone around them every chance they get.

Now, Kristen Ziman, Queen of the $164 million Aurora Police Palace built with corruption and crimes under her watch, has her own TOWELS to remind her and her family she is "chief."

Even worse, she posted this photo herself to make sure all of you also see show awesome she considers herself.

If there was any doubt Kristen Ziman is full of herself and a glaring example of narcissism gone wild, see the above photo.

We feel sorry for the rank-n-file cops who do the real work on the streets who must put up with the person at top focused on herself instead of crime.

Just remember you are paying her luxury salary and will pay a luxury pension for this clown of a cop while Aurora is second to none in the suburbs for crime.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, WTF is wrong with Kristen Ziman? This IS narcissism.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That blog about the hot tub is really true. Who gets to be in it. Blue boy, pumpkin head, Deleon, ficktel, pierce, groome, tunnie, wincek, weisner, kjendall. Are there any new police charactors in the hot tub club.

Anonymous said...

Exits at City Hall? After 12 years, there'll be changes as LCLV starts fresh.

The entire Staff from the 3rd floor will go, unless Guzman works out a deal.

New City lawyers and most of the staff. They're a dime a dozen and LCLV'll want her own people advising her discreetly on legal issues.

A new Community Services Director to head up that crazy assortment of divisions and "communication" departments. Clayton's paid lots of money to be a spokesman, yet he's never front and center taking the heat on anything. So he's gotta take his snazzy wardrobe and find another job.

Dave Hulseberg at Economic Development. Aurora needs a new approach to development without a poster child for pension reform. Double down on other development clowns involved in Cosmo Market, the Eola Interchange, our neglected commercial strips, Shodeen, all that vacant land along Orchard where there's been zilch activity for the past 11 yrs and those vacant buildings like Copley, the Masonic Temple, the old West High, Crosby and the original Burlington Station where they bloviated but never found a repurpose.

Two new personnel directors. She won't want toadies from the old regime. It'll be a new day for employee relations at the City with more input being taken from real workers, not just managers, so buh bye as LCLV starts fresh.

Rosario is already leaving so he doesn't get fired the day after the election. One more Director from Central Garage will also be gone.

A new Planning Director who knows something about Aurora, who has a stake in the City and who actually lives here. A no brainer.

Too early to tell about those new Police and Fire Chiefs. With uncontrolled shootings surging at any time and that daily drama over at the Police Station, a new Mayor always scrutinizes the chief of Police, not so much the Fire Chief even though he has a bloated staff and they all make lots of $.

It'll be fun to watch who heads up her new Department of "Business." Any guesses?

Any thoughts for other people in her campaign who will end up with City jobs? There's always an assortment of losers who work on a Mayoral campaign because they need a job or career change because they can't hack it in the private sector. Keep watching.

Several Weisner loyalists have been shifted from 3rd floor into management jobs. Some may go, others may stay. Depends on who they're smart enough to openly or not so openly support in the Mayor's race and how well they can win the confidence of their co-workers, not Weisner's appointees, over the next year.

Don't pay attention to what people say, but watch what they do over the next year. They'll be many more clues on who'll be part of LCLV's administration and who's gonna be asked to leave. Those who have brains are already making other plans knowing full well that their time for feeding at the City trough is coming to an end. Don't expect her to keep unwanted marionettes.

Anonymous said...

What will happen to the wine club, sex club and hot tub club and the family hiring practices at the polices. If I had not got a felony when I was younger I would be a cop and having a party all day.

Anonymous said...

I thought there had to be a vote to choose a mayor. Most of the base for Chapa La Via are illegals and should not be able to vote. But this is Weisner's sanctuary city and funny shit happens.

I also want Openline to shed some light about all those comments about various topics here. Wine drinking, sex on the job, nepotism, hot tubs, and if Aurora fights crime with letter writers.


Anonymous said...

Kristen Ziman is an insult to law enforcement professionals. She is a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Kristen loves to self-glorify. It's rather nauseating and at the same time pitiful.

Anonymous said...

In Aurora, nothing's so pathetic as the failure to repurpose our vacant commercial and institutional buildings. We employ so-called professionals and fund an entire agency who is supposed to get such buildings developed. Yet empty they sit, in some cases for over 35 yrs.

The Masonic Temple, International Harvester, old West High, Crosby Building, original Burlington Station, restaurant row, Copley Hospital, Terminal Building, Silverplate, former Carson's building, Frantz Building, old Woolworth's, the former Fire Station/Rios Mattress on Lake and Roney Dairy are all on the highlight video. The former St. Charles Hospital is the exception, not the rule. So is Karedemas. However, let's not forget that he found these buildings completely on his own, with no help from the City. Let's hope that the City keeps their hands off his projects as municipal meddling is the proven kiss of death.

While preservationists pontificate how great these buildings are, surrounding communities find developers for their old gems, and Aurora continues to look idiotic offering the same lame excuses and misplaced blame decade after decade.

To all of the City officials responsible for this protracted failure, please go away so the City can start fresh with new players. You've proven that you're simply not up to the task.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Oberweis on , we buy gold, car title loan, pawn, rent to own street, I mean Lake Street.

Coming in from Naperville looks like used car city then pure slums then you get to vacant store front AKA downtown /skid row.

Who the hell as a professional makes their own towels. After reading about that hot tub, are they for her hot tub / club I keep reading about.

This town is getting pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is a bit jealous of not having their own title!

Anonymous said...

2:57- Narcissism? So should she have left her profile name Commander? So if you get a promotion at work- you don't change your voicemail/email/business cards to reflect the new position that you hold? This is one more thing that shows just how crazy you idiots are

Anonymous said...

I saw that picture on her twitter feed last week- Looks like open line is stalking her again. Dear OPENLINE- why not put the entire post up that shows that she was thanking an employee for a lovely gift? Oh yea that's right- you don't actually post the truth!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Who cares about towels?

Anonymous said...

That blue boy should send custom towels to all the gangs in aurora. Maybe that guy who sewed quilts made the towel.

Anonymous said...

How big is that hot tub? there seems to be a bunch of suckies that want to be in it.

I bet there are servers that run out to that big taco truck and the liquor store and the Walgreens to get rubbers and KY.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:47:
Hilarious.Those preservation and redevelopment people at City Hall couldn't find end users for those buildings if the perfect candidate bit 'em on the ass in front of 44 E. Downer at high noon.

Anonymous said...

Which shopping plaza wins the "jewel of the ghetto" award? Northgate or West Aurora? Which fine dining establishment wins the James Beard prize? Shan Li's on Lake or China Buff on Galena?

Anonymous said...

The joke at the club last night was about the STD's spread by a high ranking officer and that you can't move up the ladder unless your bi or alternative sexual oriented like one of the new bosses. I don't care but I like hearing the gossip it makes my rum and coke go down faster.

Anonymous said...

Kristen didn't change her name on Facebook from "Commander" to "Chief." She changed it from "Kristen" to "Chief."

And what kind of egomaniac, even if she got towels as a gift, posts that crap to boast???

She's a joke and a clown cop.

Anonymous said...

Hey City redevelopment staff. When you were at the State of the City address yesterday, looking important, did any redevelopers bite ya in the ass with deals for those wonderfully empty historic buildings? Hope they bite ya pretty hard and left some teeth marks. Might be the only way you'd recognize the opportunity.