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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders Must Remain a Candidate Until The End; Stay Tuned For The Coming Indictment of Hillary Clinton

Except when they are hacking into iPhones, we usually love our friends at the FBI. After all, thanks to them, Illinois is "second to none" for corrupt politicians going to prison.

And, there's a long list of public officials under investigation and ready to join them in prison sooner or later, from Chicago to Aurora to Springfield.

Hillary Clinton, also from Illinois, even if she claims to be from Arkansas or New York depending on which crowd she is speaking to, is under investigation by the FBI.

Depending on who's numbers are accurate, there's either a dozen or dozens of FBI agents working on her case.

We'll leave the issues of her blatant violations of law out for the moment. It's pretty obvious she not only violated the law, but she has repeatedly lied about it and changed her story.

The bigger question isn't IF she did anything wrong, but what will the Department of Justice do about it.

The same knuckleheads who were in denial about Blagojevich are quick to say "she ain't going to get indicted" or "it's just politics" or other ignorant statements.

FBI agents don't do this stuff for the fun of it. There's plenty of other things for them to do than go after a former First Lady, former Secretary of State and current Presidential candidate.

We feel sorry for Bernie Sanders. The same idiots who continued to vote for Blagojevich even thought it was WIDELY reported he was under investigation are some of the same idiots who support Hillary Clinton today.

But, like Blago or Denny Hastert, sooner or later, there will be a day when all hell breaks loose for Hillary Clinton.

And, that assumes she hasn't done anything else stupid or illegal since or will do in the future.

Bernie Sanders should continue to pursue the Democratic nomination until the very last possible second.

He may be the only candidate standing.

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