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Monday, April 04, 2016

City of Aurora Spends Millions on Dysfunctional Email System

Despite spending MILLIONS of taxpayer funds on servers, consultants and cronies, the City of Aurora's email system has been dysfunctional for the last couple days (yet again) while they try to "fix" it.

We reached out to corrupt Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner's so-called tech team of James Dahl (MIS) and Ted Beck, both grossly overpaid, but neither could be reached by email.

Our interns have offered to help fix the mess by unplugging all of the stupid servers and instead connect the city to email that costs zero.

Another alternate (aka "The Aurora Way) is for Cordogan Clark and Mundy Landscaping to design a series of trees to surround City Hall so messages can be transmitted by strings, cans and paper clips connected to tin cans. Wegman Construction will "coincidentally" get the contract. Total guaranteed minimum cost is $17 million, subject to guarantee increase and expected city council approval.

Rosario Deleon and Bill Wiet would work the "switchboard" for the new messaging system to give them each something to do for a change.

Note: Dunham Slush Fund could donate $100,000 in exchange for its board members getting a contract.


Anonymous said...

You're forgetting one more highly paid executive that is over all of the IT at the City.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget those groomes, kjendals, zimans, tunnyies, deans, pierces, pumpkins, lurch, blue boy

Anonymous said...

Maybe the seman dude can open a sperm bank at that huge polices station.

Anonymous said...

Jim Dahl...LOL...the city is paying an outrageous sum of money for the IT skills of 20 years ago with that the way, IT is 100% suitable for outsourcing and freeing the tax payer form penison and health-care obligations.

Anonymous said...

A number of departments at the City are suitable for outsourcing. I'm wondering where the Mayoral candidates stand on this.

Anonymous said...

Way too many Chiefs in Aurora government at the expense of people out on the street working for us. Ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Maybe blue man or that letter writer officer ficktel can write a letter to the e mail company, as they get murderous results.