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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman Blames Media For Exaggerating Police Shootings; Meanwhile, Pulitzer Prize Awarded for Reporting on Police Shootings

The day after Aurora, Illinois Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman blamed the media for exaggerating police shootings and violence against civilians, a Pulitzer Prize has been awarded to the Washington Post for doing what no law enforcement agency has ever done, which is track data on how many people were being shot and killed by police.

During Kristen Ziman's psychotic tirade, she failed to mention almost ONE THOUSAND civilians were killed by cops in 2015.

And, 1 out of 6 shootings involved an officer who had been involved in a shooting before, another stat she didn't mention as she advocates "warrior cops."

For Kristen's sake, let's hope she or her family is never shot by a cop. Then again, if that happens, she can just blame the media.

Note: Kristen Ziman has repeatedly justified the murder by cops in Ferguson.


Anonymous said...

Kristen Ziman is a slut who slept her way through the APD. She's smarter than Chris Tunney, but that's like saying a dumbass is smarter than a donkey.

Anonymous said...

someone hates women!!!

Anonymous said...

All this attention being paid to Ziman. Is she even going to remain as Chief once Chapa LaVia is elected?

Anonymous said...

Kristen would never have been a cop if not for her Dad and sleeping her way up the ranks. The only reason she is chief is because Joe Groom died and the mayor wants to be the one to say he appointed a woman and lesbian. Has nothing to do with her being competent or experienced. If that were the case, there's plenty of others more competent and experience at the APD, let alone outside the department.

Anonymous said...

6:22 - rest assure Ziman has already met with and pledged allegiance to every candidate in the race for Mayor. Someone new may hold the strings but she will still be a puppet for our politicians. She's proof that when politics are involved lack a character can get you promoted.