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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman Skips Mayor's Propaganda Speech and Goes AWOL

Aurora Corrupt Cop Kristen Ziman skipped today's paid propaganda "state of city" speech, left out of town and went AWOL from her responsibilities and job today while taxpayers pay her salary.

Ziman was explicitly urged by us to attend and warned investigators would be waiting for her to demand answers on allegations of corruption and professional misconduct.

Aurora Police spokesman Dan Ferrelli did not explain why Ziman went AWOL, but sources says Ziman frequently leaves town to run her side business schemes.

Many cops say she doesn't really do anything related to addressing crime so there is no "loss" in her absence (she only has 3 years of light patrol experience from back in the 1990's).

One officer even added "with Kristen not here, we can focus on police work instead of watching her play politics and feeding her giant ego."

Ziman recently posted custom-made towels with "CHIEF KRISTEN" embroidered and has changed her first name across social media to "chief."

In her absence, Tonto (Deputy Chief Keefe Jackson) made an appearance at the mayor's propaganda speech. Previously, Chief Greg Thomas had eliminated the deputy position as a "waste" but Ziman brought it back so she could free up time for her side schemes so Tonto's primary job appears to be to stand in or stand next to her when needed.

At the speech, corrupt Mayor Tom Weisner acknowledged the city was heading toward eventual bankruptcy not only due to wild spending under his regime but insufficient funds to pay for massive pension costs that increase for city employees, including the current army of 477 public safety (police and fire) employees plus the hundreds that have "retired" to then work elsewhere, that include several former police brass who have exploited the system.

Weisner also admitted there was no hope to solve chronic problems under his watch such as Old Copley unless taxpayers provided more giveaways he could pass onto developers that would "coincidentally" stuff contributions in his pocket.

Old Copley was part of a deal orchestrated to reward one of his top contributors, Raghuveer Nayak, who eventually was implicated in the deal for President Barack Obama's former U.S. Senate seat for Jesse Jackson, Jr. Both Nayak and Jackson ended up in prison while Weisner and Old Copley remain pending.

Aurora's poverty, crime, taxes, debt, reverse economic development and corruption have all skyrocketed under Weisner.

Despite billions and billions of taxpayer funds spent during his regime (mostly on public projects that rewarded campaign contributors and cronies), downtown is still a flop, key neighborhoods are deteriorating and taxpayers are leaving as fast as they can due to to the highest taxes for any city in the region.

Aurora was recently was rated one of the worst places in America to retire. Second to none.

Weisner pointed out the motel in downtown Aurora previously known as Comfort Suites is now  branded Holiday Inn and thanked the owner for "believing in Aurora."

He conveniently didn't mention he killed two hotel developments for Aurora, including a 14 story downtown hotel by developer Joe Vantreese (because he wouldn't promise to give contracts to cronies) or that the Hampton Inn project on Rt. 59 (because Weisner's hotel crony contributor didn't want competition).

Observers at the speech noted it was "boring" with the usual hyperbole, smoke and mirrors written by aide Carie Ergo but the best description may have come from a business owner who has never attended any of Weisner's propaganda speeches before and is new to Aurora because he had to take over operations and has a fresh perspective.

"It was an hour or so of putting lipstick on a pig" then paused and added, "Weisner said Aurora has lot of lime sludge and was piling it up instead of having to get rid of it That was actually touted as a positive for this city. That says a lot."

Note: Robert Vaughan, the mayor's boss and Aurora's czar, who runs the nonprofit slush fund, Dunham Fund, was also in attendance. He is among Aurora's Most Wanted along with Kristen Ziman and Tom Weisner.

If anyone sees Kristen Ziman, please do not call the APD at the Aurora Police Palace. Their phone system is often dysfunctional despite spending $164 million with corrupt contractors.

***UPDATE: Kristen Ziman has responded by using her daughter as a human shield, claiming she was on a "college trip" to Annapolis, Maryland. Why did she feel the need to come up with a reason? She couldn't let people think she skipped the mayor's propaganda speech for any reason, but by exploiting her daughter, it's her best shot of deflecting attention.

Shame on Kristen for exploiting her daughter to explain why she was AWOL from a political propaganda speech. We note this isn't the first time Kristen has used her children as human shields.

Ironically, Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney boast about being lesbians...they each have children from a previous failed marriage, where they selfishly sought to have kids, then dumped their spouses.

Despite their stances on "equality" both Kristen Ziman and Chris Tunney also exploited their ex-husbands by seeking child support and have continued to do so while receiving luxury salaries and cash from the corrupt Dunham Fund.

Kristen Ziman is a sick, twisted person who will lie and do anything for her personal gain, name and fame, even if it means using her own daughter.

Shame on Kristen.


Anonymous said...

anybody check the police hot tub / sex club or maybe they were writing more letters to gang members.

Anonymous said...

"Ziman was explicitly urged by us to attend and warned investigators would be waiting for her to demand answers on allegations of corruption and professional misconduct."


Anonymous said...

Kristen is a coward.

Anonymous said...

A chunky cop was talking at the club about a magical bus trip that had sex between girls and other cops cheating on their wives he said it was a drunkin sex fest all the way to Milwaukee and back. Man I miss all the fun being a store manager. And a bunch of females and males are being treated for herpes from a mister happy.

Anonymous said...

2:23 AM - whoa good one ANONYMOUS!

Anonymous said...

? is this mister happy a doctor or the herpy giver

Anonymous said...

How pathetic that the top issue highlighted at Aurora's state of the City address was consolidation of park administration. Out of all of the problems needing to be resolved in this City, this one is a real piece of milktoast, isn't it? Way to go, City Hall! Raises for all City executives and aldermen!!!

Anonymous said...

Weisner wants to "donate" land to the park district, controlled by Bob Vaughan, his campaign chief and the guy in charge of all the political corruption in Aurora.

Probably just another "coincidence."

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice all the signs for Richard Irvin going up? In violation of Aurora's code for election signs. Notice where they are going up - yep the homes are occupied by niggers who happen to be democrats. That about says it all.

Anonymous said...

I spend my time looking for things that make me feel good. If that is my primary intention do you think I would ever watch the news? Buy a news paper? I simply trained myself many years ago to leave the room when it came on the tv. Now I don’t need to do that, it seems to have found it’s way out of my life. The same is true of gossip or “talking about someone” - Not interested. I’ll simply walk away and find another vibration more pleasing and feels better ,simple.

Anonymous said...

Did Alex leave the City to work for the Park District yet?

Anonymous said...

Irvin is really racist, look at his record of representing

Anonymous said...

Checking in before church, Why are straight males being scriminated against. two cop friends said one of the new police bosses only got his high position because he came out as bi-sexual. well qualified other leutenants were not picked because they were either white or straight.

Anonymous said...

Irvin is piece of shit. He has not morals or ethics. From pressuring women for sex in exchange for representation to selling out the taxpayers for union votes, to masquerading as a republican Irvin is deceitful lying jiving piece of crap.

So far there is not one decent person considering a run for mayor. How about an outsider for a change.