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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dennis Hastert Called "Serial Child Molester" By Judge and Sentenced to 15 Months In Prison


That is what most our local viewers in and around Aurora, Illinois have known J. Dennis Hastert for his Congressional career that took him to the top of political power as Speaker of the House of the United States of America.

What took years and decades to build came crashing down in a federal courtroom as Judge Thomas Durkin called Denny Hastert a "serial child molester" and sentenced him to 15 months in prison, almost three times the sentencing guidelines agreed to by both prosecutors and defense.

Hastert was neither charged nor convicted of sexual misconduct. Instead, he was charged and convicted for the "structuring" and cover-up of hush money.

Denny Hastert's rise and fall is stunning, even for those familiar with the disgusting political mafia of Illinois from Daley to Madigan to Blagojevich to local rotten, deviants in Aurora such as Tom Weisner, Bob Vaughan, Kristen Ziman and others.

Most would agree that Denny Hastert was considered better than most, so maybe the question shouldn't be how could this happen with someone like Denny Hastert, but what does it say about all of the other deviants who are still lurking amongst us as mayor, police chief or heading a nonprofit slush fund.

At the sentencing, Individual D, one of several victims took the stand and it turned out to be Scott Cross, brother of former Illinois State Rep. Tom Cross.

Hastert was one of the political mentors of Tom Cross. More recently, Tom Cross was given a political gig at Aurora University as part of a scheme with the corrupt Dunham Slush Fund.

When did Tom Cross know of any concern about Hastert's behavior with his brother?

It's not clear yet and supposedly he never knew, but at the minimum, it points to the bizarre situation where deviant behavior was not recognized by those even by those close to Hastert.

Over the past year, we've heard from many viewers, including some claiming to be victims or aware of deviant or sexual misconduct.

And, not just about Denny Hastert.

Denny Hastert was a public employee and his deviant behavior was at a public place in connection with his profession.

It's time for all of us to take a step back and ask how we tolerate, accept or justify deviant behavior, regardless of the legality.

Sometimes, it's much more simple of right vs. wrong.


Anonymous said...

Here is the thing, people knew Hastert was a queer, same as Obama, Rutherford. Kirk, Shrock etc. It was no secret in D.C. What they did not know is he was also a pedophile.

The real crime here is the following. This fat disgusting piece of shit has also been fucking the taxpayers up the ass and gang-raping their wallets for years with his pensions. Mr fat fuck was a child--molester--coach-teacher who paid in a measly $19,805 and so far has extorted $420,524 for the measly six years he served in the IL House. Yep you read that right, fat-fuck put in less than 20K and so far has received over 420K in payouts, and those payouts will continue. Oh and it does not end there, the child molester also put in a paltry $16,327 in the teachers retirement fund and has ass ripped the taxpayers for $237,045 in pension payments. Fortunately that pension is being terminated. But guess what, the cum-sucking ass porking child molesting puke also is screwing all taxpayers yet again because he receives a gigantic Federal pension!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not only is he receiving a Federal pension, he'll also be getting pretty extensive medical care for the next 15 months paid for by us. Putting him in jail may be justice, but it'll be expensive justice.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we are lucky some other prisoner will off him. Child molesters are not popular in prison.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I heard Tom Weisner is also a molester queer . The city second to all corrupt piece of shit mayor of Aurora . Who molested his stepsons brother.

Anonymous said...

Not likely 3:02. he's not going to a regular prison. He'll be going to one of the medical facilities.